Create Your Life. Decision by Decision.

Here you are. At a crossroads. 


There is a question hanging in your mind. A big decision you need to make.


Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling like you’re postponing the life you really want… 


Because while everything is okay, okay is no longer enough for you. 

You want more.

More joy. More fulfillment. More meaning.


You are ready to take ownership, to create your life decision by decision. 


But the years of relying on other people’s advice and analyzing every single step has left you confused and full of doubt. 


And leaning on others is no longer making you feel better or more certain of which direction to go — so what do you do? 

You struggle trusting yourself to make the “right” choice.

You know there is something inside you that knows the truth, yet you struggle knowing what it is you truly want.


This is where we turn it all around. 


I’m here to help you connect with your inner guide, find the confidence to stand in your truth and take aligned action. 

I’m here to empower you to create YOUR life, no matter the circumstances.

Together, we will take a journey to reconnect with yourself by:

• Quieting down the “noise” - the distractions, the shoulds, the expectations and outdated dreams - that hinder your ability to find clarity. 
• Rewiring your mind so you can refocus your attention on your dreams and desires.
• Reclaiming your biggest most powerful asset - your intuition. Your lifetime inner guide that is always there for you. 

• Shifting your mindset so you are no longer held back by limiting beliefs and self doubt.

• Empowering you to take bold actions to make your desires a reality.

The five key ingredients in this transformational journey?
















Here’s how I know…

I used to be someone who could never make her own decisions — just like you, always seeking out advice or confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. 


I missed out on so many opportunities in my life because I didn’t have the confidence to stand in my own truth and take aligned action. 


I thought that someone else always knew what was better for me, rather than trusting myself because…  


I was afraid of letting people down, I was scared of failing or making the “wrong” decision. So I didn’t take action. I thought it would be far easier to do what’s expected of me, to always fit in.

I was led by my deep insecurities, which manifested in a very disordered relationship with food and my body.


It started as a confused teen, seeking my identity and constantly looking to be approved and loved. Not knowing who I was, paired with the feeling that I wasn’t good enough got me to do the one thing I believed would solve all my problems — trying to change my body. 


If I was able to manipulate my body, I’d finally feel good. I’d be able to be myself around others. I won’t need to hide. If I was thin enough, I would be confident enough.


It did the opposite. Fighting against my body only served to bring me further away from myself. My inner wisdom. My truth. My power.

What I wish I would have known then is what I know now: a lack of connection with myself was the root cause of all my problems.

It was only once I found the way home to myself that the cycle was broken. 


Thankfully, I discovered the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga, which ignited a new and deeper awareness I never realized I was missing. 


Every day I'd step on my mat, I would discard another layer of insecurities, pain and low self-esteem. 

Slowly, through movement and breath I started my healing journey, rebuilding a new relationship with my body and with myself. 


And then, I was finally ready to do the work. 


I meditated, I journaled, I read self help and spiritual books — and a new path in my journey was ignited. A path of personal growth led by a desire to thrive. 


I learned to listen within (body and beyond) and how to trust and surrender, and these practices have given me a safe space to explore myself, my deepest fears and desires. 


They gave me the courage to listen to my intuition and the strength to pursue my dreams and overcome challenges.

But to be transparent…  


It didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t linear. Or perfect. It took time to unravel all the old thought patterns and behaviours. 


But it was a powerful journey of finally discovering who I am — my fears, dreams, desires, beliefs, what brings me meaning and fulfilment, my values and so much more. A powerful journey of reclaiming my inner confidence and trust.

I had to go through a long painful period of a very unhealthy relationship with myself till I was finally ready to learn my lesson — I AM MY OWN GUIDE. 


To trust that life equipped me with my own unique set of tools and wisdom so I can craft the life I want, decision by decision.


Today, it’s my mission to guide and support my clients to connect with their truth, find their own answers, make empowered decisions and follow them through with confidence, trust and resilience. 

Professional Bio

Naama Zusman is a Life Coach who specializes in empowering women to find the answer to their biggest questions and decisions within. Through her intuitively driven method, she helps free them from the need to overanalyze, make pros and cons lists, and seek the advice of others. Instead, they become intuitive decision-makers who trust in those quiet, yet powerful internal cues.




  • Intuitive Eating For Healthcare Professionals, London Centre For Intuitive Eating, 2018

  • Straight-Line Leadership Intensive Training, 2017

  • Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2015

  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training- 200 hours RYT, Miami Life Center with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, 2014

  • Bachelor of Arts, HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht), 2010 – 2014

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