Health coach and yoga teacher I grew up in a very health conscious family. As a child I remember always returning home from school to healthy homemade meals. My grandmother became a vegan in the 70’s, and my great grandfather was a raw vegan naturopath. I suppose this passion for 'food as medicine' runs in my blood. Knowledge, recipes and innate healing methods passed down from one generation to the next. 

BUT, there is a but...

About Me

At 17 my healthy, loving relationship with my body and food

changed. For almost a decade I struggled with eating disorders.

Food was my enemy. From rigid restrictions through starving

myself to food binging, I was convinced that the problem was

with my body. I was obsessed with being thin, I measured and

weighed my food and myself compulsively and developed all kinds of destructive

habits. After 2 years of strict restrictions I developed the opposite disorder, binging.

I compensated for everything I hadn't allowed myself to eat for two years.

I quickly gained weight and kept eating trying to fill up the emptiness and all the

other range of negative emotions. What I was unaware of at the time was that

a lack of connection with myself was really the root cause of my problems.

My Story

My Tipping Point

It was only once I found the way home to myself that the cycle was broken. I discovered the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga which ignited a new awareness. Every day I'd step on my mat and discard another layer of guilt, shame, pain and low self-esteem. Slowly through movement and breath I started my healing journey, rebuilding a new relationship with my body, a loving one. I learned to listen to my body, with acceptance and kindness, and how to trust and surrender. My practice has given me a safe space to explore myself, my deepest fears and desires. It gave me the courage to listen to my intuition and the strength to pursue my dreams and overcome challanges.

I Found My Way Home

The past years for me have been about self-inquiry, research and study into the mind-body connection, with a strong emphasise on what feeds my soul. I devoured books on healing and self help, tuned into my intuition, and experimented with different tools and techniques, all of which have shaped what I now call Intuitive Wellness.

 … And I Never Looked Back

At last, I have found peace with food, with my body and myself, and as a result have found an equilibrium. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect, but I can now love and accept myself for my imperfections. Today I know that eating healthy is only one piece of the 'wellbeing puzzle' and holistic self-care is really the key. Whether you are seeking to have a more peaceful, nourishing, and intuitive relationship with food, find a more balanced way of living or you just want to 'feel like yourself' again it all comes down to how you are taking care of yourself on all levels. Together, we will work through your limiting beliefs, self doubts, fears, blocks and old stories that are holding you back so you can embrace all life has to offer you - food and beyond!

My Approach

  • Living a fulfilling joyful life is about getting rid of your 'shoulds' (body, food and beyond) so you can follow your wants and desires. The secret is really getting to know YOU. Your own unique body, mind and spirit. Discovering which foods support you, and which foods make you feel uncomfortable, learning how to recognise hunger and fullness signals, learning to identify emotions and the different ways you can work through them, and how you can best support your body is essential to healthy living. My goal is to guide you on how to listen to yourself and your body so that knowing how to take best care of yourself will become second nature


  • Together we will define your goals and identify the blocks preventing you from getting what you want. This is the key element to anything you want to achieve in life. Rather than another magical quick fix diet fad and external rules,  it's about creating a deeper understanding of your relationship with food and with your body

  • I don't advocate diet restrictions and extreme exercise regimens that require strong willpower and deprivation. It's about creating healthy habits that support you every single day - discovering a form of movement you love and enjoy, learn to manage stress, develop emotional resilience, get better sleep and nurture yourself. My programs are designed to help you design YOUR healthy lifestyle, that supports your dreams and helps you expand beyond your perceived limitations

When your body and mind are

aligned everything else

starts to flow.

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