Journaling, A Life Changing Habit.

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know that I have a history of eating disorders. I have struggled with food and my body for almost a decade. One of the things that kept my eating disorder going was blocking my emotions. I was disconnected with myself. I felt like an empty vessel, very lost and not knowing what I want. One day I came across an old notebook in which I used to write poems as a child. I thought - this is interesting! When did I abandon this habit? When did I lose contact with myself? It triggered something in me. I immediately grabbed a notebook and started scribbling. I wrote with no purpose and by the end I felt a strong sense of expansion. From that day on

It's All About The Habits

Most people know what they need to do to stay healthy - drink plenty of water, eat lot's of fruit and vegetables, exercise, get enough sleep and reduce stress. Being healthy is not rocket science. And yet, so many people struggle to keep a healthy lifestyle and 'fall off the wagon' time and time again. Why is that?? The secret to getting any desired results is in our daily habits. Something becomes a habit when we do it on autopilot. This doesn't mean we do it mindlessly. It means we do it without questioning it, just like brushing our teeth (at least I hope you don't question it! ;)). Old habits are hard to break. New habits are hard to form. It takes constant and consistent effort, and lot

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