Are You Keeping Your Fears In-Check?

I'm keeping this week's email short and sweet so you have plenty of time to do this fear journaling exercise. If you’ve been reading my recent emails you’ve heard me talking about how important it is to acknowledge our fears. So, today I’m sharing with you a journaling exercise to help you to keep your fears in-check + ease anxiety you might be experiencing around them. Once you’ve finished writing I highly recommend doing a meditation (you can try my Grounding Meditation) to get the FULL EFFECT. Expressing and processing your fears + allowing yourself at least 10 minutes to go within would leave you calmer and more grounded. Some notes before you start: If you think you aren’t experien

FREE meditation: finding calm & groundedness within uncertainty

How are you doing? How are you coping? How are you feeling about social distancing? Are you relieved to have some time off of work / work from home or do you miss the routine? Are you dreading spending more time with your kids? (it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you do!!) Are there any previous responsibilities you’re happy you’re released from? I want you to know that whatever comes up for you as you’re reading these questions or thinking about what’s happening in the world + in your personal life, it’s all valid. There is no right way to feel. If you’re overwhelmed by having mixed feelings, here’s a reminder: We, humans, are complex. We are meant to experience mixed emotions.

COVID-19: Eight Tips To Help You Ease Stress & Anxiety

With all the fear, uncertainty and stress spreading around, COVID-19 has exposed our need to practice more PRESENCE. Alongside doing the best you can to help contain the virus, taking safety measures, being informed and taking care of our health, this is an opportunity to watch your mind and practice managing it better. As I was having my Friday morning coffee, I was thinking about the Serenity Prayer: “Grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” The Serenity Prayer reminds us to focus on the things we can control instead of wasting precious energy on what is beyond our control. There is a diffe

When you feel GOOD - GOOD things happen to you

Last week, on a beautiful sunny morning as I was having my morning coffee, I opened up my Instagram and there was a beautiful message waiting for me from of my past clients. She shared – “Naama... the moment I surrendered and left my fate in the hands of the universe .. and I mean absolutely surrender EVERYTHING started to happen!!! I got an amazing house, I got a pay rise, amongst so many other things ... it all started happening so fast I can hardly believe it. You said this would happen, I really want to share my news but I’m snowed under with boxes - so shall I write to you when I have time? The synchronicities have blown my mind... so many endings have led to beginnings and vic

Your inner critic is not a sign to quit

Last week I shared a post on social media about our inner critic – I’ve got lots of responses from people who said they needed to hear this message / reminder. Because truth is, negative self-talk is something we all deal with on a daily basis. And while we can’t get rid of our inner critic, we all have the inner wisdom and power to manage it better, provided that we have the right tools, aka – what we do with those critical thoughts. How far we take them. How we recover from having them. What we make those critical thoughts mean about us. Your inner critic is that mean voice in your head which manifests in different forms – self doubt, judgment, guilt, caring too much of what others

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