Your inner critic is not who you are

I used to think that everyone's inner critic is completely unique, but after working with so many people (+ watching my own inner critic), what I’ve found is that our inner critic is a little bit personal and a lot more universal. It’s universal in the sense that we all have an inner critic. There is no biographical cause for our inner critic, it’s 100% part of our human experience. It's personal in the way it shows up for each of us, in the stories it chooses to tell us based on our past experiences. The biggest shift I’ve made around my inner critic was understanding that it isn’t who I am. For years I believed everything my inner critic had to say. In fact, I wasn't even aware of

7 Quick Rituals to Ground & Uplift You

A couple of weeks ago I had an insight around shifting from surviving to thriving during one of my morning journaling sessions. I realized that since our (possible) coronavirus episode and the challenging time we went through, I haven’t completely turned off survival mode. I was still in that energy of juggling a million things together, trying to get everything done. I often talk with clients about the importance of allowing recovery time after meeting a deadline. The idea is to take time off to recharge and renew what was depleted. It could be a few hours, a whole day or even more. Although intellectually I gave myself some time for myself, I was still holding onto a lot of ‘rushi

Do you have these questions too? Finally ME FAQs

Last week I shared a special invite to join me for my 10-week group program, Finally ME! Psst... If you missed the invite, no worries! You can view it here. Since last week's email, I've received so many great questions about the group coaching experience. I remember a teacher once said, 'if you're willing to ask the question, there are at least 5 other students in the class who want to know the answer, too.' So, while I've answered every email question personally, I thought there is a good chance you might have some of the same questions, too. So, taking a few minutes this AM to answer some Finally ME FAQs! What is Finally ME? Finally ME is a 10-week group journey for the woman who is ready

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