May 2, 2018

Most people know what they need to do to stay healthy - drink plenty of water, eat lot's of fruit and vegetables, exercise, get enough sleep and reduce stress. Being healthy is not rocket science. And yet, so many people struggle to keep a healthy lifestyle and 'fall off the wagon' time and time again. 

Why is that??

The secret to getting any desired results is in our daily habits. Something becomes a habit when we do it on autopilot. This doesn't m...

March 13, 2018

I am quite sure that 99% of my readers have experienced what I like to call the ‘Post winter/weekend/holiday drama’ at least once in their lives. It’s when you wake up ‘the morning after’ (whether you stepped on the scale or not) and feel bad recalling everything you've eaten. Maybe you’ve gained some extra weight or you simply feel heavy, lethargic and unhealthy. This is an open invitation for the little voice in our head to jump in and play it’s little dr...

February 6, 2018

“I don’t have enough willpower”, “I can’t find the motivation”, “Sometimes I feel I’m just too lazy”, I don’t have the discipline”. These are few examples of what some of my clients might say when we’ve just started working together.

They very quickly discover that they themselves have been standing in their way the whole time.

When approaching change and transformation from a place of PUSHING or DEPRIVING you’re most probably going to face all the block...

November 28, 2017

Do you know that feeling of ‘being in between’?

In between jobs, waiting for the children to leave home, your lease contract is about to end, it’s almost new year (so what’s the point of starting now?)…

It’s either that you don’t want to start something new because everything is about to change anyway, or that you are waiting for the ‘perfect timing’.

Waiting for the perfect timing is usually a form of procrastination. If you really take a moment to think abou...

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April 20, 2020

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