Home to You

Free 7-Day Challenge 

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A week of rituals, practices and intentions to help you come home to you so you can feel nourished, aligned & connected sent right to your inbox!

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Home to You is Perfect for you if... 

You are craving intentional time for yourself


You are looking to add more purpose and meaning to your day to day


You want to have a moment to reconnect with your desires


You want to be more intentional & present


You want to turn the volume up on self love

You want to create a daily ritual (morning, even better!)

You've been putting everyone else first for so long now and you kinda forgot how to BE with yourself

I promise you a week of nourishments, self care, depth, connection and FUN. 

Each day for a full week, I'll meet you in your inbox with a bitesize lesson and a ritual, a practice or an intention to nourish your soul.


It’s a journey to help you start cultivating a loving and trusting relationship with yourself.

All you have to do is read the emails and do the thing (set aside 10-20 minutes).  


You can do it at any time of the day, but to get the most out of this challenge, I'd love to encourage you to do it first thing in the morning. 

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