Private Coaching:
Design The Life You Truly Desire.

Your journey to becoming an empowered creator of your life starts here

Here you are. At a crossroads.


There is a question hanging in your mind. A decision you need to make.


Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling like you’re postponing the life you really want… 


Because while everything is okay, at least on the surface, okay is no longer enough for you. 


You want more.


More ease. More joy. More fulfillment. More meaning.

Right now, the way you live your life is at odds with your truest desires.

You lean away from your dreams because it's unknown. It feels scary.


It's easier for you to focus on what you’re good at because you know you’ll succeed in it. It feels safe.


And yet, here you are… 


The fear of staying in the same place is greater than the fear of the unknown (aka the fear of failure, rejection and judgment).


You’re ready to step into that next version of you - confident, resilient, focused, present and grounded.

But the years of ticking the “right” boxes, getting praised for “being good”, playing by the rules and trying to meet expectations has left you feeling full of doubt. You are afraid of letting people down. You are afraid of letting yourself down.

You’re afraid of what change might mean about what you believe about yourself and what others believe about you.

You know there is something inside you that knows the truth, yet you struggle to listen and trust it.


This is where we turn it all around. 


I’m here to help you connect with your intuition, find the confidence to stand in your truth and take aligned action. 


You are ready to bridge the gap between how you show up today and who you want to become…


Because you know that woman — she’s grounded and focused. She’s smart. She’s confident, but in a deep quiet way. She is connected to herself. She knows what she wants. When she isn’t sure about something, she turns inward.

Full of trust and conviction, she patiently listens to her inner guide. She has doubts and fears like everyone else, but she chooses to focus her attention on her dreams and desires.

This woman? That’s you. 


But no one taught you the power and strength that comes from turning within.


I am here to help you connect with that woman. 


I’m here to help you reclaim your power, so you can create the life you want.

Here’s how you know if this journey is for you...

You are tired of constantly chasing the next thing that will make you feel good enough, worthy enough. The next achievement, the next praise, the next item to tick off your never ending to-do list. You want to feel confident inside, without seeking for external validation.

You are stuck in self doubt, overanalyzing and overcomplicating. You feel drained by the constant chatter in your head and second guessing every step you take or want to take. You want to make decisions with ease and confidence. You want to take bold actions.

You feel like your life doesn’t reflect who you are, like you don’t get to fully express yourself in all areas of your life. Who you are at work is different from who you are at home or with your friends. You have talent and skills waiting for you to tap into.

You’ve been following a path paved for you

(safe, sensible, approved) for so long that you aren't sure “what’s yours” and what’s not anymore. You’re often guided by what you “should” do; listening to your intuition feels like a foreign concept.

You are afraid of making a mistake, saying the wrong thing or making the “wrong” decision. The perfectionist inside of you is scared of getting disappointed if the outcome isn’t exactly what she had in mind.

You feel that you’re merely skimming on the surface of your life and not experiencing the full potential you know it has to offer you. You want more. You are ready to stop postponing change.

Imagine waking up every morning…


Excited about your day, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. 


You feel empowered knowing you have created it all by yourself. You feel clear and focused, which brings so much joy, inspiration and creativity. 


You are calm, present and grounded as you freed up so much headspace. You are no longer obsessing about the future “when, then…” “if, then…”. 

When you are met with your fears, you’re able to release them because you fully trust yourself and your ability to handle whatever the universe throws onto your path. You can flow with the unfolding of your life.


You don't doubt or second guess choices you have made cause you know you have made them mindfully and wholeheartedly.


And when the time comes when you feel called to take another leap, or make your next big decision you have deep confidence in your inner guide to point you to the right direction. 


You fully trust yourself.

The secret to having all this?


Embarking on a journey based on five key components:















Every change starts with awareness. Through becoming more aware of your inner dialogue, you begin shifting your mindset and are able to break free from the narratives that are holding you back from truly listening to your inner wisdom. 


You develop confidence from deeply connecting with yourself. From knowing yourself really well. That deep level of connection provides an insight into your patterns, the way you operate, what moves and inspires you, your beliefs and values. It helps you create a vision for your life.


Connecting with your intuition requires deep self-knowledge and the ability to get really still and present. It allows you to move past your analyzing mind and enables you to confidently make decisions and courageously take actions.  


This combination of cultivating awareness + presence, deep self knowledge, connecting with your intuition + practical tools to help you navigate through a decision making process, is the foundation for you to identify your dreams, desires and what brings your life a sense of meaning and purpose.

The mindset work is what truly allows you to take bold actions to make your ideas and desires a reality. This is all about how you perceive what happens outside of you and the meaning you give your experience. And this is really where you become an owner of your life, rather than a victim of your circumstances.

Meet the Design Your

Truly Authentic Life


A private coaching program that is the most personal, individualised, intensive and comprehensive coaching experience I offer. It is an intensive mentorship to help you find clarity, move past self doubt and unlock your inner guide so you can become an empowered creator of your life. 


Are you ready to get unstuck, let go of what’s holding you back, get rid of limiting beliefs, self doubt, self judgment and your inner critic? 


Are you ready to commit to yourself and show up for your life? Are you feeling excited about a possible new path unfolding?

Here’s what you can expect...

An understanding of how your mind works, becoming aware of your thinking so you can shift stories and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and desires

Connecting within so you can truly get to know yourself and find clarity around your beliefs, values, desires, dreams and what gives you a sense of purpose and meaning

Connecting with your purpose + crafting a vision for your life that lights you up and excites you to get out of bed in the morning

Redesigning a life that is aligned with your vision, dreams, desires and priorities

The ability to make decisions with confidence and conviction by leveraging your superpower - your intuition

Answering your biggest questions + figuring out what’s the next right step for you (career, relationships and beyond)

Taking action aligned with your own truth, regardless of other people’s opinions or expectations

Overcoming self doubt, quieting the inner critic and navigating fear and uncertainty

Developing resilience to keep going and move through obstacles + rise above your challenges, with the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned

Creating a toolbox of self care to support you in times of self doubt  and judgement

Apply here for a 30 minute free consultation session to discover more about this program and find out if we are a good fit!

A 6-month coaching program that is 100% curated to your goals, experiences, and priorities. It includes:

  • We work together for 6 months. In a period of 6 -months you will build a solid tool kit that will empower you to stay on the path of growth. These tools are for lifetime, and are there for you to use and reuse in any area of your life.


  • 50-minute coaching session every other week (12 in total) that will include goal / action setting. This allows you the time to implement the steps we talk about in each session, building up towards your bigger goals and vision.


  • You will get the recordings of all our sessions +a recap email with your action steps so you always know what you need to focus on.


  • In between our sessions you’ll get unlimited support and access to me via email and Voxer (a walki-talkie app where we get to leave each other voice messages). You’ll never have to wait two weeks to share blocks or challenges that come up for you. Because here’s the thing - it’s one thing to understand something intellectually, but it’s another to actually implement it. This program is really about being supported in taking action.

  • Rather than working through a set “curriculum”, the experience is completely tailored to you. During the first session I help you get crystal clear on where you want to be in 6 months - your goals, your intentions, what you would like to experience, the areas of your life you most want to focus on and the vision of you you want to step into. This will allow a foundation to work from for the next 6 months.


  • Plus, as a private client you get complimentary access to current courses or workshops, full access to Finally ME group coaching program (including audio lessons, workbooks, guided meditations) + any resources I feel are relevant to our work (meditations, books) that I send you along the way, so that we are really maximizing our time together. In between our sessions I will direct you to this amazing bank of content that is really going to support you with some of the tangibles. The calls are about us going deeper, so we can really go into the nuances of your experiences.

Investment: pay in full: £3,000

or 6 monthly payments: £535

Apply here for a 30 minute free discovery call!

This call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I'll learn all about your world right now, where you're feeling stuck, and where you want to be. No obligation. No pressure. Two people getting to know each other & seeing if we are a match!