When you let go of your 'shoulds' (body, food & beyond) and start following your wants, you develop a real connection with yourself and your body.

You establish trust in your body, you find freedom and pleasure around food, and most importantly you experience a joyful fulfilling life 


Private Coaching

Private Coaching

A Customised Program Tailored To You

Do you feel like you are not where you want to be in your life?
Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and ready to breakthrough?
Do you feel like life has so much more to offer but you’re feeling
overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
This program would be a perfect match for you if…
  • You are battling with body image issues. You are unsatisfied with the way you see yourself and you believe that losing weight will solve your problems, yet deep inside you know that there is something more to it

  • You are constantly thinking about food: when, what and how much to eat. You are hungry all the time and you feel guilt and shame when you eat something ‘forbidden’

  • You feel confused and lost around food and feel like you just don’t know how to eat anymore

  • You go through phases of being 'really good', then falling off the wagon (and binging)

  • You process your emotions by hitting the cookie jar, most of the time you're not even aware you’re doing it till you’re done  

  • You feel like your relationship with food is holding you back

  • You are bouncing from calorie counting, to paleo diet, to juice cleanses, attempting to lose weight only to gain it all back again

  • You feel like you have no control around food

  • You find it hard to take care of yourself while not feeling satisfied with your body

Deep inside you know that life doesn’t have to be this way. Bottom line is - Are you unwilling to compromise on the way you feel, ready for a real meaningful change and looking for lifelong lasting tools?


What if I told you there is a way to feel good, live well and eat healthy, where pleasure isn’t just optional?
What if I told you…
  • That there is a way to be around food, which doesn’t include feeling shame, guilt, confusion or anxiety

  • That you can stop searching for the perfect diet once and for all and find a way of eating with joy and peace for the rest of your life

  • That you can have a peaceful, nourishing and intuitive relationship with food and your body

  • That you can find a more balanced way of taking care of yourself

  • That you can stop obsessing about food. You can stop beating yourself up and shaming yourself about what you did or didn’t do

  • That you can gain your power back by rediscovering your innate ability to determine what to eat, when and how much

  • That you can find trust and confidence in your body and yourself

Take the leap to make the changes needed to live the life you really want.

If you are feeling stuck and tired of fighting your body

we will work together to break those old patterns which are blocking you

and create new healthful ones to support you reaching your full potential

Your program might include...
  • Learning to eat intuitively and mindfully

  • Getting to know your body better, what works for your individual body (food, eating habits sleep, exercise and more)

  • Getting clear on your core values (what truly matters to you) and priorities in life

  • Designing your healthy lifestyle: habits, rituals and routines

  • Creating your self care toolbox (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

  • Developing emotional resilience 

  • Healing your relationship with food and your body

  • Learning how to manage better your inner chatter (the 'voices in your head')

  • Taming your inner critic and finding more self compassion  

  • Helping you to let go of your 'shoulds' so you can figure out your wants and follow your purpose

  • Identifying and breaking down limiting beliefs, old stories and thinking patterns that are holding you back 

  • Expect experiencing more: joy, confidence, inner peace, life satisfaction, better relationship with yourself and therefore with others, trust in yourself and your ability to make decisions  

Are you ready to get unstuck, let go of what’s holding you back, get rid of limiting beliefs, self doubt, self judgment and your inner critic? Are you ready to commit to yourself and show up for your life? Are you feeling excited about a possible new path unfolding? 

Sessions can be done on Skype or in person 

The duration of the program will be tailored to your needs & goals

I am available to be hired for groups & companies. 

Wherever you are in your journey, you will learn to develop more self-love, kindness and compassion towards yourself. You will feel more confident, vibrant and lively. 

Your only requirement is your commitment and your willingness to look within.

It’s your time to take care of YOU!


Apply here for a 45 minute free consultation session to discover more about this program and find out if we are a good fit!

Start showing up for life and life will start showing up for you

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