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Free Online Workshop:
Crossroads & Transitions

Navigating through those messy in-betweens & finding clarity at crossroad moments

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Wednesday 14th, 19:00 - 20:15 pm BST

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Are you at a crossroads?


Maybe you’ve been mulling over a decision for a while now...

Maybe something has changed in your circumstances...

Maybe you got to a point where you feel ready to create change...

Maybe you’re transitioning into a new season in your life...


Maybe you’re standing at a crossroads wondering which way to go? Asking yourself - Maybe now? or What’s next?


...this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, you'll learn about:


Navigating Through Transition

caring for yourself through the messy in-betweens

Finding Clarity at Crossroad Moments

intuitive decision making + asking yourself meaningful questions

Mindset Shifts

shifting from indecision, inaction and overthinking to trust and surrender

Practical Tools

practical tools you can use when making a pivot in your career and life

A personal


from my heart to



MIT Lecturer and author Otto Scharmer writes,

“The future arrives first as a feeling…”

The thoughts come later, he says.

To me, it's exactly how arriving at a crossroads feels. There's this is inner knowing (a feeling) that something is about to change. Although you can’t name it yet, you can feel it. A mix of excitement & fear.


And maybe a little bit of resistance too.

Experiencing it first hand + witnessing it in the lives of my clients - I know that crossroads & transitions can be the most amazing, magical, life-transforming experiences, if we allow them to. And so I felt called to share some of these lessons & tools with you, too!

If embracing change, finding trust in transition and cultivating confidence at crossroad moments is something you're craving for in your life right now, this workshop is for you.


Can't wait to share the lessons and tools with you!

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