Self Care- more than just a buzzword?

Self Care - we hear this term all over lately, on a daily basis. The question is - is just another lifestyle trend? the answer is NO.

Self care, done right, is the foundation and the key for success in all aspects of life.

What Is Self Care Anyway? In one word- nourishment, it’s the art of refuelling mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is essential to restore, sustain and improve your health and wellbeing.

Why Self Care?

1. Helps you to cope better with of stress and change

2. Allows you to step up and be your best version

3. Prevents burnouts, fatigue and exhaustion

4. Keeps you in touch with your intuition, which helps you to make better decisions

5. Keeps you aligned with your values (how you want to live your life)

How To Get Started?

  • IT IS NOT A ONE TIME DEAL, IT IS A LIFESTYLE. Self-care is not something you do on your free time and it’s not something you do to distract or numb yourself from an unpleasant situation. It is taking care of your body, mind and heart on a daily basis.

  • FILL IN YOUR CUP FIRST. It starts with the understanding that you have to take care of yourself first. Not because you're egocentric, but because you know that in order be the best of service and value you have to be the best version of yourself. You have to fill in your cup before you can fill up others. We tend to think of self-care as an indulgence and so we create a lot of guilt around it, this mindset has to change.

  • KNOW WHAT MATTERS, SET PRIORITIES. Making priorities is the very beginning of self-care. Self care is not about adding another thing on your to-do list, it’s about making priorities that serve you to reach your optimal self. Choose the things that really matter first - family, friends, health, passions and things that bring pleasure. Than the other necessities - car, home, job… than everything else- the small stuff.

  • SELF CARE IS PERSONAL. What might be recharging and calming for one person might be terrible for someone else (like saunas for example, either you love it or hate it!). Create your own self care toolbox and personalise your routine around it in a way that serves you the most.

  • START WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. It’s is not just about being grateful and counting your blessings, it’s about deeply embodying the simple things in your routine. Really appreciating those simple moments is an easy way to bring more joy to your day to day. For example- your morning cycle to work can be something you do on automatic pilot or can be fully appreciated. Ask yourself: what am I doing regularly anyway during my day and how I can shift it into a nourishing ritual. It doesn’t take a lot to choose your favourite colour when you dress up, spritzing a scent you love…

  • CREATE YOUR SELF CARE TOOL KIT. In your journal draw a table with 3 categories: self-care for the body, self care for the mind, self care for the soul/heart. Fill in the table with your own list of self care ‘rituals’. Think about how you can add them into your routine on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Think about how you can use each of them to deal with different situations and emotions- angers, stress, loneliness...

  • SELF CARE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BIG GRAND IT CAN BE MICRO-MOMENTS. Redefine how you think of self-care so you can remove the blocks like having no resources (time, money, energy). Create 3-second rituals- put a drop of frankincense oil onto your heart and take 3 deep breaths.

  • DON'T FALL INTO THE SELF CARE TRAP. Most people think about self care as getting a massage, going to the spa, buying yourself flowers... While these are all wonderful and important, self care is also a lot about being aware of your thoughts, learning to cope with uncomfortable emotions and creating boundaries. For example- saying no to things (rather than saying yes when you want to say no), choosing the people YOU want to have around you, learn to express yourself authentically...

Let me know if this was useful for you!

I have more to write about self care, share you questions and challenges and I'll make sure to address them on another blog post.



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