Are You in LIMBO?

Do you know that feeling of ‘being in between’?

In between jobs, waiting for the children to leave home, your lease contract is about to end, it’s almost new year (so what’s the point of starting now?)…

It’s either that you don’t want to start something new because everything is about to change anyway, or that you are waiting for the ‘perfect timing’.

Waiting for the perfect timing is usually a form of procrastination. If you really take a moment to think about it sincerely, you’ll realize that objectively there is no reason to postpone that thing that you want to pursue. Whether you are looking to take on a new hobby, start an online course, work on that exciting project you’ve been dreaming about or taking better care of your health and wellbeing, the only time to start is NOW. Talking about a hypothetical future only keeps holding you back instead of moving you forward.

I often make the distinction with my clients - Knowing Vs. Living. The key is not to accumulate information, ideas and knowledge but implement those ideas into actions. Self-awareness can be your biggest obstacle (“I know I should be doing…”) when it’s used as an excuse for why you’re not taking action. In a way you’re giving yourself a permission not to do anything. Remember that the reasons you give yourself for postponing/not living (‘yet’) only help you to sound reasonable, but they are not serving you, they are holding you back.

On the other hand, self-awareness can be a catalyst to make something happen. At the risk of sounding cliché I’ll say the obvious truth - life is too precious to waste it in waiting. That limbo space is sucking out the life force from you and depleting your energy. All these little things you want but don’t do make you feel worse and worse as they accumulate. When you are in that state of limbo and putting your life on hold you are missing opportunities, ideas remain undiscovered, you find it hard to make decisions and things that bring you joy fade away. You always feel stressed and you don’t know why. This is because you’ve got a list of things you want but still don’t have and deep inside you know you’re not doing anything to get them.

I can probably end this post with 5 tips you can do to get out of the limbo, but really there is only one thing you should do - stop waiting, start doing! Whatever it is you want you can ALWAYS figure out how to make it happen, it’s never about a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness, and as Marie Forleo says: ‘everything is figureoutable’.

“Motivational speakers repeat it many different ways, but it’s one thought. It’s a binary system:

Are you ON or are you OFF?”

Steve Hardison

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