The Willpower Myth

“I don’t have enough willpower”, “I can’t find the motivation”, “Sometimes I feel I’m just too lazy”, I don’t have the discipline”. These are few examples of what some of my clients might say when we’ve just started working together.

They very quickly discover that they themselves have been standing in their way the whole time.

When approaching change and transformation from a place of PUSHING or DEPRIVING you’re most probably going to face all the blocks I’ve mentioned above. That’s why starting with setting the right mindset is the key to any desired change.

I had a client who once told me “I know I should be running”. When I ask her why and if it’s something she loves to do she answered “not really, but I know it’s meant to be good for me”. No wonder she didn’t have the discipline – she hates running. Eventually we found an exercise SHE loves doing, and now she wakes up 4 days a week at 5:15 AM to starts her day with a practice that fuels her body, mind and soul.

Here's the thing – you must find the things you can do from a place of joy and ease, and not from a place of push and deprivation. Where there is love and joy there is no need for willpower.

But how can you find out what are those things your body and heart are truly craving for if your mind is so cloudy and foggy?

First you must establish a healthy foundation:

If the body isn’t healthy the mind is cloudy.

When the mind is cloudy you can’t hear your intuition and tap into your desires.

Building a healthy foundation starts with discovering YOUR optimal diet. Discovering what are the foods that nourish YOU, heal your gut and empower your brain, which you also enjoy eating. Start approaching your diet with curiosity, notice how your body feels after eating certain foods at certain times.

Clarity is only present in a vibrant healthy body.

Once there is clarity everything becomes so much easier.

It’s a place of nonresistance, no pushing, no willpower and no deprivation.

You live the life you desire, you do the things that bring you joy, which actually fuels you and keeps you progressing. What brings you joy becomes your internal fuel to thrive!

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