Ditch The 'Magic Pill'

I am quite sure that 99% of my readers have experienced what I like to call the ‘Post winter/weekend/holiday drama’ at least once in their lives. It’s when you wake up ‘the morning after’ (whether you stepped on the scale or not) and feel bad recalling everything you've eaten. Maybe you’ve gained some extra weight or you simply feel heavy, lethargic and unhealthy. This is an open invitation for the little voice in our head to jump in and play it’s little drama, walking us through a wide range of negative emotions - guilt, shame, anger etc. Using negative inner chatter such as “Why did you have to eat so much??”, “You are so lazy!”, “You just don’t have it in you”, "you have no control around food".

Then we'll usually start experiencing fear. Fear of not being able to have the life we want in our current body.

You might be feeling like your body is holding you back from having the relationship you want, from the career you want or generally from the life you want. Panic is the common reaction in this situation, which means - looking for an immediate solution so you won’t have to deal with the pain. What’s the quick solution? It usually involves elimination, restrictions, deprivations and punishment.

I’ve been there, yoyo dieting for years – It doesn’t work.

There is no magic pill, quick fix or fairy dust that can get you to your dream health, clear your skin, improve your digestion, reach the weight where you feel light, sexy and healthy and have abundant energy and clarity of mind. YOU have to put in the WORK. Fad diets, deprivation, restrictions and extreme exercise regimens only take you further away from where you want to be. They might work in the short term, but not in the long term. When you follow rules to reach your healthy body goals you disconnect from your body and weaken your ability to listen to it.

Intuitive eating proposes a different approach to dieting. Instead of creating arbitrary rules, you follow your own body’s wisdom. Our body is amazingly clever. It maintains a temperature of 98.6°F, repairs itself when it’s wounded, our heart never misses a beat and our lungs are always breathing.

So why don’t we feel we can trust it?

When we can trust, we can let go, when we let go we are open to listen.

When you change your perception around nutrition and diets from scarcity to abundance and focus on NOURISHMENT you are aligned with true health, which allows your body to align as well.

How can you reach your health goals from an abundant state of mind? 12 Steps

1. Focus on nourishment. Focus on home cooked, healthy foods 80% or 90% of the time. Figure out which food works for your unique body, gives you energy and makes you feel vital.

2. Choose what to eat from a place of confidence and awareness. Think about how you want to feel after eating (energized, light, strong, flexible, etc.) and make a decision based on that.

3. Eat tons of vegetables. Not because they are low in calories but because they have tons of nutrients and they make happy cells.

4. Find a way of moving that YOU love. Not something you have to willpower your way.

5. Identify the ways you’ve been using food in an unhealthful manner (comfort food, emotional eating, shame, guilt, reward and punishment).

5. Wear clothes, shoes and makeup that make you feel comfortable in.

6. Make self care a non-negotiable.

7. Make sure you get enough sleep and rest.

8. Get words like ‘guilty pleasure’, ‘cheating’ and ‘well deserved’ out of your lexicon. Food is not a punishment and it’s not a reward either.

9. Follow your own rhythm as much as possible with sleep, food, self care etc. Don’t let someone else’s flow or ‘prescribed rhythm’ influence the flow of your day.

10. Realize that your weight is never fixed. It’s meant to fluctuate with change of seasons, holidays, and periods in life. When you simply keep taking care of your body, choosing from a place of self love, your body will naturally balance itself.

11. Learn to tune in to your body (which will naturally happen when you start embracing all the above). When you’re in tuned with your body you’re much less likely to binge or to overeat. You’ll eat when or what YOU want, not when or what you’re ‘supposed to’.

12. It’s your birthright to have an awesome life no matter what the scale shows. This inner work of changing your limiting beliefs is necessary to reach a state where you’re more relaxed, less resistant and not fighting your body. When you’re constantly focused on looks, eating to get skinny and always in a fight with your body, guess what happens? Your body is holding on to weight because it feels attacked. Imagine what would happen if you changed your mindset around food and diets, start caring for your body and eat for nourishment because you want to feel good. You’ll find inner peace, your body will feel more relaxed and supported, and slow but steady it’ll balance itself and you’ll reach YOUR ideal weight.

If you are ready to ditch the diet vicious cycle and want my support on this journey contact me HERE for a free initial consultation.

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