15 reasons to join Finally ME!

Are you thinking about joining Finally ME? If so, I created a list to help you understand if this program is a good fit for you! *First time you're hearing about it? You can find ALL the details about the program HERE.

Here are 15 reasons to join Finally ME -- On a practical level…

  1. You want to have my guidance and support but feel like 1:1 coaching is not the right fit for you (time or budget wise). Finally ME is the shortest + most affordable program I offer.

  2. You like having a community feel and you enjoy learning in a group environment. You find it supportive, encouraging and inspiring to be surrounded by a group of women going through the same journey.

  3. All the material - PDF workbooks, audio lessons, meditations, yoga video and the video coaching call recordings will be available for you to download and have for lifetime!

  4. An online program allows you the flexibility to work through the material in your own time, from wherever you want (take yourself on a date to your favourite coffee shop!). The only set time is for the live coaching calls, which will be recorded so you’ll be able to listen to later when you can’t make it.

  5. A small intimate group! So you can enjoy both having personal support and having an intimate, authentic connection of a community of incredible women cheering each other on.

On a deeper level… 1. You want to FINALLY feel like YOURSELF! So often we get fixated on something, which we believe we must have to be happy. Even when there is a wise voice inside telling us it's not meant for us. It is draining and depleting… Take it for someone who knows -- for years I spent my energy on wanting a body that didn’t belong to me. You want to OWN YOUR LIFE. 2. You are tired of the voice in your head criticising every move you make. The guilt, the negative chatter, self-judgment and beating yourself up is so exhausting! You’ve created an unrealistic standard and so whenever you inevitably fall short of your lofty expectation you create space for the mean voice in your head to take over. You want to experience more self compassion, self kindness, self trust and inner peace. 3. You no longer want fears and doubts to hold you back. There are so many things you want to do (big or small!) but you just don’t seem to take the leap, you’re worried about other people’s opinions and judgments, you are afraid of failing and when you finally decide to go for it you hear the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough “who are you to…?” You want to see possibilities instead of obstacles and just GO FOR IT! 4. You are ready to do the REAL work. You have tried ‘quick fixes’, fad diets and wellness trends. You changed your job, moved to a new house and replaced your entire wardrobe. You tried all kind of external solutions, but nothing seems to help… If you don’t change your thought and behaviour patterns you’ll keep recreating the same situations over and over again. You’re ready to dive deeper, rewire your brain, rewrite your story and truly get to know yourself and what works for you and your body, so you can take best care of yourself on all levels. 5. You want to start putting yourself first. Everyone else's needs and desires come before yours and whenever you try to do things differently you feel like you’re being so selfish. You want to start filling your cup so its overflowing. 6. You are ready to be on your own team! You are tired of being in constant war with food, your body, your mind and your heart. You realize that fighting against your needs, desires & cravings (food, body, heart and beyond) with willpower doesn’t work. Instead it disconnects you from your body’s signals and blocks your ability to listen to your intuition. 7. You want to experience CALM, JOY & CONFIDENCE in your life. You deserve to ENJOY your life NOW, at this moment, instead of waiting for some hypothetical future that may or may not happen. You deserve to LOVE your life UNCONDITIONALLY, instead of waiting to have a certain body, husband, house or career so you can start living your life. 8. You want to be able to say HELL NO & HECK YEAH! To go with your gut, instead of following other people’s opinions and expectations. You want to trust and follow your own inner guidance instead of following external voices. 9. You want to be able to handle challenges & struggles You want to be able to handle a change in plans when things don't go exactly according to your expectations (without it ruining your day...). You want to find resilience and flexibility to deal with challenges. 10. You are ready to SHOW-UP for yourself instead of checking-out! You want to show up for yourself and meet your struggles with inner strength and self-compassion, instead of numbing yourself with food, alcohol, work or exercise.

In Finally ME we really get to the core of all these & more! So if you are ready to experience your life fully, worry a little bit less and trust a little bit more and live a life which is aligned with your values and purpose - Finally ME is for you! AND a little reminder - only 5 days left for the EARLY BIRD offer!

ALSO I talked about Finally ME on IG stories couple of days ago - you can watch it here <3

Hugs! Naama

P.S. have a question that I don't answer here on this page? Just send me an email and let me know! I'd love to answer it for you. Personal questions and concerns are more than welcome!

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