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When you feel GOOD - GOOD things happen to you

Last week, on a beautiful sunny morning as I was having my morning coffee, I opened up my Instagram and there was a beautiful message waiting for me from of my past clients. She shared – “Naama... the moment I surrendered and left my fate in the hands of the universe .. and I mean absolutely surrender EVERYTHING started to happen!!! I got an amazing house, I got a pay rise, amongst so many other things ... it all started happening so fast I can hardly believe it. You said this would happen, I really want to share my news but I’m snowed under with boxes - so shall I write to you when I have time? The synchronicities have blown my mind... so many endings have led to beginnings and vice versa!” I was so touched and excited to read these words. I shared it (with permission) in my stories and got more messages from past clients who had the same experience! It got me thinking about… How, when we let go of all the heavy baggage we are carrying, so much space opens up for new opportunities to show up in our life. How, when we work on raising our energy, shifting our inner state to a more positive empowered one by taking ownership on our lives, things that we have wanted for a long time and struggled to get start to unfold in the most natural way. Here’s the thing – When you feel GOOD -- GOOD things happen to you.

Can you think about a time in your life where everything seemed to flow?

Perhaps you have been looking for a job for a while and all of the sudden an opportunity dropped in your lap and almost instantaneously your'e flooded with more job offers? Or you’ve been stuck in the area of relationships (dating for a while, nothing seems to stick) and after finding your dream house (which you’ve been searching for months!) all of the sudden you meet ‘the one’. These synchronicities are not random. Something happened and your energy has shifted. Our energy attracts its likeness. When we’re feeling low, we attract low vibe situations. When we’re feeling good, we attract high vibration situations.

For the sceptics, there is a scientific explanation behind it. It’s called RAS - Reticular Activating System. The RAS is a small part of the brain that filters the things we notice via our senses. Have you ever experienced buying something new and all of the sudden you see it everywhere? That’s your RAS filtering out all the inputs it detects that relate to your most recent experience. Our brain receives so much information from our senses that it can’t possibly pay attention to all of it. It knows what to filter based on WHAT YOU FOCUS MOST ON. What you focus on expands and where your attention goes your energy flows. If you constantly think to yourself “I’ll never find my dream house” “I’ll never get this job” your RAS will provide you with all the proof that you are right. You will start noticing things that proof that life isn’t working for you. The opposite is also true. If you’re thinking empowering thoughts, your brain will provide you with proof for that. It’s not about positive thinking (aka telling to yourself something you don’t actually believe in), it’s about focusing your attention on what you can do vs. what you can’t do or what you want vs. what you don't want. Your external circumstances reflect your internal state. That’s the magic that gets me super excited! When you work on releasing things that are holding you back in your life and clear the 'noise' in your head, you open a door for new opportunities. Letting go of shoulds frees so much headspace and energy that allows you to connect to your truest deepest desires. You move from a state of pushing to a state pulling. From resisting to allowing. This is a big part of why I love being a coach. I get to see women who're letting go of outdated dreams, taming their inner critic, facing fears and self doubt and how it has a ripple effect on all different areas of their lives. SO – This morning I hope to inspire you to FIND CLARITY! With your morning coffee, or perhaps during your lunch break, grab your journal and take a moment to connect to how you want to feel by the end of this year. Write down what will make you feel this way. Get clear on what you truly want. Let your pen flow and really commit to your desire. Release what’s holding you back: What has been a common thing that has tripped you up over and over in the past? Which negative thoughts do you keep coming back to? Immerse yourself with inspiration: Constantly remind yourself of what you want (screen-savers!). Surround yourself with people, thoughts, and ideas that support and remind you of what you want (audiobooks, podcasts, books, quotes, friends, people you follow on social media, etc.) Lots of love, Naama

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