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July 2, 2020

Last week I shared a special invite to join me for my 10-week group program, Finally ME! Psst... If you missed the invite, no worries! You can view it here.


Since last week's email, I've received so many great questions about the group coaching experience.


I remember a teacher once said, 'if you're willing to ask the question, there are at least 5 other students in the class who want to know the answer, too.' So, while I've answered every email question personally, I thought there is a good chance you might have some of the same questions, too.


So, taking a few minutes this AM to answer some Finally ME FAQs!


What is Finally ME?


Finally ME is a 10-week group journey for the woman who is ready to ‘feel like herself’ in all areas of her life -- body, mind, heart & beyond. It’s for the woman who is doubting herself and second guessing every step she takes or wants to take. It's for the woman who is busy pleasing others on the expense of her own dreams and desires. It's for the woman who is trying to become who she thinks she ‘should’ be rather than connecting with who she truly is.


During our transformational time together, you'll learn tools, strategies, mindsets and practices to let go of ‘shoulds’, energy drainers, old stories & limiting beliefs and learn how to start creating the life YOU truly desire. These are tools, practices, strategies, etc. you can take with you for a lifetime and apply anywhere in your life.


I go into a lot of detail about the program, what it entails, what you can expect, FAQs, and more on the program page. You can read all about Finally ME here.


When does the program begin?


We start Friday, July 10.

Our first coaching video call will be on Thursday, July 16.

The doors to join close on Thursday, July 9 or when all spaces fill up, whichever happens first.


How does it look like?


Your 10-week program is divided into 4 pillars (body - mind - heart - beyond) while each week is focused on a different theme (you can see the program breakdown here where the website breaks down the program week by week).


Your weekly content will be released each Friday in the Teachable membership site, which includes: audio lesson + PDF workbook. You’ll also get bonus tools to help facilitate transformation - 3 guided meditations, 1 guided meditation + journaling practice, a 30-minute yoga video & self care guide. Week 1 will be released on Friday, July 10.


The weekly group coaching sessions (video calls) will take place on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM (GMT+1), not including the 2-bonus weeks (grace week and final support weeks), 10 occurrences in total.


There is also a client-only FB community. I'm in there every weekday responding to all of your comments, coaching through struggles, answering all your questions and sharing extra resources!


What's the time commitment?


You will get out of the program what you put into it! I see this with every client I've ever worked with privately.


Each Friday of the program, there's an audio lesson and workbook released for that week. I recommend setting aside 60-90 minutes each week (all at once or in chunks) to work through this material. There may be weeks that you really want to dig in and devote more time to and there may be weeks that are more easy-breezy for you where you devote slightly less.


Thursday evenings at 7:00PM (GMT + 1) are the weekly live coaching sessions, which are all recorded so you can catch the replay if there's a week or more where you can't make it live. The coaching calls are typically 60-90 minutes depending on how many women join.


This comes out to an average of 2-3 hours per week.


There is also the private FB community group page - you get to decide how much time you want to spend there interacting and posting.


There are also two weeks with built-in 'catch up' time: bonus grace week (after the first 5 weeks) and last final support week (after week Final Week - Make a Pact).


I'm struggling in my relationship and also struggling with my career, but I'm not struggling with food/body. Would this program help me?


The short answer is, 'yes!'


Wherever in your life you're struggling with feeling ‘blocked’ or like you're constantly holding yourself back, you'll be supported.


Some of the women who are already signed up are struggling with how to take care of their body, others are not. I always say that our struggles with food/body aren't about the food/body at all, they're about something deeper. In Finally ME, we are going for that something deeper.


All the tools, practices, and mind-set shifts can be applied to any area of life!


I've done so many courses where I've fallen off before the end because it was all self study. I don't want to sign up and not do it. How interactive is it?


Finally ME is not a course, it's a coaching program. It's incredibly interactive and you will get hours of personalized support each week.


That's why it's a small group, because I know the kind of experience I want you to have and the level of support I'm going to provide you with.


Each week, in addition to an audio lesson and workbook you will have a live coaching session with me where I will be connecting with you personally and providing one-on-one support.


By the end of the two months, you'll have received around 15ish hours of live coaching through our live coaching sessions.

+ you’ll get a free corona-bonus 50-minute private session with me.


In addition, I will also be in our private FB community multiple times a week coaching through any challenges that come up for you along the way.


If you show up you won't fall off my radar. I'll show up for you and you need to be willing to do the same. This group is small and intimate, by design. I want to know each of you and truly support you.


What happens on the weekly coaching calls?


I coach you! I check in with you personally to see how you're doing and where I can support you. This is your time to receive specific coaching and personalized support. Plus, it's an awesome chance to learn and grow as you listen to the other women receiving the same.


I'm not sure I'm ready to change - is this the right time to do the program?


There is a difference between (1) being ready for change and not knowing how to; and (2) not being ready to change.


Both places are totally OK to be in!


If you're the latter, know that I have had moments where I was uncomfortable and also not ready to change. If that's where you're at, this program isn't right for you.


If you're the former, ready for change but unsure of how to actually do it, you're in the right place. I'm going to show you how and support you, coach you, and encourage you to make it happen.


Everything about the program sounds like what I need, but I'm scared of change. I'm afraid it won't work for me. Will it?


If this program sounds like what you need but you're scared, you're in the right place!


You will get out of this coaching experience what you put in. If you show up for yourself, if you do the work, you will benefit!


And, I am here to help you work through the fears that come up for you along the way.


If you commit to yourself for two and half months, surrounded by a coach who has been where you’re at and knows what it takes to grow through it, PLUS surrounded by an incredible community of women who are cheering you on, encouraging you, and celebrating you every step of the way, you will experience change.


It feels selfish to invest in myself like this.


I hear you and also I know that doing this deep work in your life will help you serve the people around you with even more impact.


None of this is so that you can keep all the presence and joy and growth to yourself - it's so that you can show up more fully in your life, for those you love, and in your purpose.


How do I join?


Did I answer your question and now you're ready to join? You can do that here!


Just scroll down and you'll see two options: pay in full or payment plan.Select whichever works best for you!


Once you join, you'll receive a personal email from me welcoming you into the program and sharing next steps.


Are you interested in joining Finally ME but have a question or fear I haven't addressed here? Please feel free to email me and let me know! I will never pressure you to join but I am here to help you figure out if it's the right fit for you.





p.s. I shared more about Finally ME last week on my Instagram stories, you can watch it over here!

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