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A different way to think about purpose ✨

One of the hottest topics in my Instagram DM lately has been PURPOSE.

It’s interesting to observe how this one single word can make people feel so uncomfortable... I think it’s because it strikes that cord of “Am I missing something?” “Am I living my life to the fullest?”

But before you feel badly that you “haven't found your purpose”, today I want to invite you to think about purpose differently.

As humans we tend to stay busy seeking and focusing on ‘external purposes’ – in our career, in our family life, in motherhood, in our relationships, in volunteering... Sometimes these ‘external purposes’ can be important markers and metaphors on our journeys – they represent a deeper shift.

They represent our ‘inner purpose’.

But often, we get stuck on a hamster-wheel pursuit of ‘the one thing’ which ends up being NOT satisfying, because what we are really after – true meaning and expansion of the way we experience life – isn’t provided by external purposes solely.

Inner purpose is different. We can find it in often subtle, but filled with awe, move-you-to-tears joyful moments, that are born from deep inner work -

a shift into a new perception because you opened your heart to new ideas...

that aha moment when everything clicks into place because you were willing to listen in a new way...

standing in your truth for the first time...

finding a new depth of resilience…

releasing anger and finding forgiveness toward someone when you’ve long held a grudge...

receiving intuitive pings…

experiencing magical synchronicities...

shifting your old thinking and stories…

stretching your inner beliefs about yourself and what you can or cannot do...

finding courage to take a leap...

External purposes can be wonderful vehicles to experience these inner purpose moments, but they aren't a requirement. Inner purposes are ever available to us, even in mundane routines, as long as we’re present and available to them.

One of the hallmarks of living a life where we’re doing inner work, and particularly living a life where we’re reaching in some way to something larger than ourselves (a greater force of love, kindness, vitality, abundance, creativity… whatever it is for you) is that we get to experience purpose everyday in our lives (“good” days and “bad” days).

I think people feel discomfort when they are confronted with the question: ‘what’s my purpose?’ because deep down, we know we are meant to experience more in our lives. Not by “finally figuring it out” but by going on a treasure hunt, a journey of following the whispers of our intuition.

Deep down, we know life is a wide field for learning and growth. And so, often something feels off or we feel stuck if we aren’t experiencing life that way.

We don’t need to stop seeking purpose, we need to 'seek it' in the right places. I truly believe that when we are open, when we listen, and when we trust our inner voice of wisdom, our purpose FINDS us. We need to stop abandoning the kind of quest that brings us true meaning.

It’s because of what I journal, or what I meditate, or what I dedicate myself to... it’s because of the meaningful questions I ask myself every single day, it’s because I’m committed to listening to my intuition instead of my fears, it’s because I’ve identified my core values and I keep aligning myself to them, it’s because I try to lead my day and life with intention... that I get to keep experiencing ‘inner purpose’

Being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a coach, an entrepreneur… are my vehicles. Seeking for growth, alignment, full expression and authenticity in all these different aspects of my life is what gives me purpose. From this place of curiosity and self connection I have found something I can't get enough of (aka coaching), or actually - it found me ;)

I find purpose in the women I get to become everyday by virtue of doing the inner work.

How about you?



p.s. I have a few spots available for private coaching clients who are ready to get started in June. If you're looking to make a long-term commitment to yourself, invest in your growth, in your relationship with yourself and ready to create change in your life, check out the details about private coaching over here. If you already know you're interested, fill out this application form and we'll schedule a free 30-minute discovery call.


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