Finally ME Before & Afters

I can hardly believe it but in just over a week I get to welcome a group of wonderful women into the journey of Finally ME.

This group coaching experience is near and dear to my heart, because over the next four months I'm going to share the lessons, practices, and tools that have been the most powerful for me in my personal journey to quieting down the ‘noise’ (shoulds, inner critic, fears & limiting beliefs) and creating a trusting relationship with myself. The journey of meeting and growing into my most authentic, aligned, intuitive, confident self.

These are also the lessons, practices, and tools that I've seen create serious transformation in both my private clients' lives and the women who joined me in Finally ME in the last 3 times I ran it.

I feel such a sense of excitement knowing that in a little over a week we will get started and I will get to coach you to experience these powerful shifts, too.

If you know you're in but just haven't joined yet, here's the link to book your discovery call.

If you're still on the fence, trying to decide if it's right for you, I want to share with you the ‘befores and afters’ some of the amazing Finally ME participants shared as they reflected back at the end of their Finally ME journey…


BEFORE: “I generally just felt lost and without purpose so I was hoping to address that by taking some time to find out what was important to me and find clarity around the direction of my working life”

AFTER: “A far deeper and consistent connection to myself and a shift in how I want to function in the world. I found a sense of purpose that extends far beyond my career and into all areas of my life” A.R:

BEFORE: “Knowing that something was "off" but not really sure how to explain it. Lacking some direction for my path. I had been doing a lot of personal work but it was so helpful to have a framework that helped explain things I had thought about but didn't know how they fitted in.”

AFTER: “Understanding and working with my limiting beliefs has really helped me to stop feeling like I am pushing my way through life. Also being able to give myself a break! I do not need to be perfect/achieving something everyday. Following my curiosity rather than thinking that everything needs to be a career path or goal” H.B.F:

BEFORE: “Feeling stuck and unable to move forward. I was hoping to learn strategies to help me gain confidence and understand the things that hold me back”

AFTER: “I didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the course I felt I'd discovered things about myself I didn't know. I feel like I am not afraid to be myself any more. I feel empowered to follow my own path” L.J:

BEFORE: “I struggled with cyclical thinking about the past, and a catastrophic approach to everyday worries.”

AFTER: “I made peace with the past, and learned to deal with daily life in a calm way, rather than getting stressed about every issue.” I.K.Z:

BEFORE: “I was struggling with a lack of self-confidence and a very strong inner critic voice. I felt stuck in my career and I didn't know what I should do next. It was very hard for me to make any decision, because I was overthinking. I was hoping to learn tools which would help me to connect with my intuition, how to make decisions with more certainty. I was hoping to experience more clarity when it comes to my values and vision of my career path.”

AFTER: “I am more aware right now. I am able to recognize the voice of my inner critic and decide that I don't want to listen to her. I am able to notice that I am overthinking and press "pause". I know what is really important for me and how to connect with my intuition - it's easier for me to make a decision from the heart. I have more clarity and direction around my career and beyond” F.B:

BEFORE: “I was struggling with not having a career direction and aligning my passions with my future paid work. I’ve been looking for answers outwards (career shift courses, other people, etc) and hoped Finally ME will help me look inwards for answers instead.”

AFTER: “More conscious being. Separating what my head says to what my heart says. Giving me the confidence to just do it!! I have started a new career endeavour during the program, I would have not be able to do it without Finally ME” H.H:

BEFORE: “Years of people pleasing and following shoulds left me feeling drained and exhausted. After attending your Energy Drainers workshop I had the feeling Finally ME will help me find my path again. I am so glad I listened to my intuition and signed up!”

AFTER: “Dealing with my people pleasing nature and learning to say no - this has been massive for me and I know it is going to change my life for the better! It is already apparent in my career and relationships” N.M:

BEFORE: “I was feeling insecure about myself and my life. Choices I made in the past made me feel like I can’t trust myself and I was full of doubt”

AFTER: “Confidence to trust myself and my own wisdom when it comes to making decisions about my life. To shut out the external chatter and know I will do what is best for me at that time. The program helped me to find validation for myself” H.S:

BEFORE: “I was tired of that constant voice in my head telling me I am not good enough, perfect enough. I was on a hamster wheel of exhausting myself to meet my high unrealistic expectations and then feeling disappointed every time I couldn’t meet them”

AFTER: “I think for me the biggest thing was learning to accept my imperfection. I am perfectly imperfect. I learned to be kind to myself, I started meditating which is a true pleasure, and I feel that I have a toolbox now that is much more diverse to deal with my inner critic. The program helped me find a deep sense of peace with myself and my life” In Finally ME, you'll learn the lessons, practices, and tools that make 'afters' like this possible -- with health, career, romance, friendships, motherhood, and more. In Finally ME, I coach a small group of women around the internal shifts (tools, mindset practices, reframes) and external shifts (actions) to do all of that. These internal and external shifts are the shifts that truly transformed the way I live my life. They are the very practices I use each and every day to show up with presence, intention, and authenticity. There isn't a week that goes by where I don't have an experience that really demonstrated to me how life-changing the lessons, practices, and tools I'm sharing with you in Finally ME really are. Is this what you want, too? If so, then Finally ME is for you. Don’t miss out on another moment – big or small – worrying, overthinking, second guessing, doubting, obsessing about the past or the future, shoulding or people pleasing…

Here’s where you can book your discovery call. I can't wait to support, guide, and coach you these next four months. Love, Naama

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