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It’s Time to Answer the Call of Your Heart & Step Into the Next Chapter of Your Career

Is there something in you that keeps asking:

“Is this it?”

Maybe your work, once a perfect fit with your talents and interests, has become unfulfilling. You’ve been evolving but your work stayed the same.


Maybe, after years of following a path paved by others – a safe, sensible, reasonable path – you have realised – ‘it’s not my path’.


Maybe your career has been taking a toll on your health and relationships.


Or maybe, your heart is calling you to pivot. To finally pursue your dream.

a confident and poised woman standing in front of a bookshelf, exuding intelligence and expertise as a life and career coach

Either way — something has got to change. And the time is NOW…

To do the kind of work you long to do.

To bring more of yourself into the world.

To listen to what’s lingering inside waiting to be born. 

To shift into more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling work.

Yet, you have no idea where to start and even if you do have a clue, as you consider stepping forward in that direction, you’re met with the fears, the doubts, the what-ifs…


What if I fail?

Am I qualified?

Is it the right time?

What will they think of me?

What if I make the wrong decision? 

Is it even realistic? Is it appropriate?

What about the time and resources spent on my current path? 

What about my responsibilities? I have a mortgage to pay and my kids' college tuition.

So you talk yourself out of it, telling yourself: "I should just be gratful for what I have"


But when you imagine yourself staying in the same place/situation in 10 or even 2 years your whole body cringes.


It’s time to stop holding yourself back and start leaning forward, instead. And you get to do it with so much support, guidance, and encouragement.


Meet the Career Transition Experience.

An integrative approach to making meaningful career changes and stepping into the next chapter of life.

A personalised 3 to 6-month journey that takes you from lack of clarity and fulfillment to landing on your clear vision of a career that feels absolutely right for you, and a plan for how to create it.

This is a highly creative and engaging process that is designed to awaken the parts of you that have been lying dormant, to restore your self-confidence, and to find clarity around your life’s work.

What Does Working Together Look Like?

This experience is based on a comprehensive 3-phase framework:

a woman sitting peacefully in nature, holding a notebook and pen, symbolising introspection and empowerment through nature-in


Where you’ll be reflecting on who you are and what you truly want, personally and professionally. You'll be exploring thought-provoking exercises outside your coaching sessions, and digging deep into them together to uncover what lights you up and what dims you out. At the end of this phase, you have a blueprint of yourself (strengths, skills, values, your 'why', your zone of genius, your interests/passions, what you need to thrive and much more)​


Where we generate exciting career ideas and possibilities. This phase is designed to be a  creative, expansive, an out-of-the-box thinking process. You’ll be empowered and constantly reminded not to hold back with constraints by traditional notions of what’s reasonable or appropriate to want. We’ll be using the blueprint you’ve created in the explore phase as your Northstar guide. The ideas that are most resonant will be explored in more detail.

a woman surrounded by nature, holding a vibrant flower in her hand, embodying the essence of growth, resilience, and natural
professional with a notebook and pen, representing strategic planning and organization in career and life coaching


Where we narrow it down to your most appealing option, the option that feels like the right match for you. Using an empowering process, you’ll create a compelling vision that feels expansive and inspires you to take action. This is where we’ll bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be and create a plan to turn your dream into a reality.

What’s included?

During our time together you’ll learn how to:


connect and listen to your gut instincts and…


distinguish them from your fears so you can make wholehearted empowered decisions. 


Truth is, you are the ONLY person who can know what’s right for you and that is why trusting your gut is the ultimate act of self-trust.


My job as a coach is not to tell you what I think you should do or give you advice, but to guide you towards your own answers.

Private Coaching

First 2 deep dive 90-minute sessions + 6-10 50-minute private sessions (the length of your program will be determined based on our discovery call)

Session Recordings

You will get the recordings of all our sessions + a recap email with your action steps so you always know what you need to focus on

Unlimited Support

In between our sessions you’ll get unlimited support and access to me via Voxer (a voice messaging app)

Bonus Course Access

Plenty of handouts, writing exercises, and meditations to support your journey

"When I started my coaching programme with Naama, I was desperate for change in my working life. I was frustrated, lacking in energy, and feeling completely stuck. Logic was telling me I should be grateful for my “good on paper” job but I just knew there was more within me to give. The initial goals I set with Naama seemed simple but felt impossible at the time: to find clarity around what I wanted from my work and discover the first step in a direction that felt more purposeful. 


I had spent years thinking in a “linear” way about careers and being driven by a need for external approval. I had an inkling there was another way for me but needed guidance to get through all the layers of unhelpful thinking that were holding me back. Naama’s approach to coaching is simply beautiful and was an absolute joy to experience. By challenging me throughout the process, she has helped me prove to myself that I have what it takes to create my own path.


I am now taking my first steps towards building my own business and I couldn’t be more excited! I have also been able to make some changes to my day job, which is now more aligned to my personal values. I genuinely feel like a completely different person and my entire outlook has shifted. I know Naama has given me the tools to cope with the challenges I will inevitably face in the coming months and years to help me trust my inner wisdom and the decisions I make. And if I ever need reminding about how good I am at making decisions, I’ll just remember I chose to invest in this amazing coaching programme!"

– H.B.

Is the Career Transition Experience a Good Fit for You?

The answer is yes if you find yourself in one (or more) of these situations…


You know your current career isn’t the right match and you want to transition into a more fulfilling work

You’ve been bullied at work and are looking to restore your confidence and figure out your next steps

You want to leave a highly stressful job/toxic work environment 

You know that you’re in the right field but you need support renegotiating and improving (aka redesigning) your present job

You want to explore the option of building your own business or pursue a creative venture

You’ve returned to work after a break and your job doesn’t fit with your life anymore

Aerial View of Curved River

At the end of our time together you’ll not only have clarity, a compelling expansive vision, and some implemented actions; you’ll also meet and grow into the next level version of yourself –


Where you’re able to manage stress and overwhelm

Where you’re able to draw clear boundaries and stand by them

Where you know what holds you back (the fears, the imposter syndrome, the self judgments) and you’re not afraid to lean into the discomfort 

Where you’re able to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned

Where you’re confident in who you are and you’re not afraid to show it to the world

Where you make decisions with confidence and conviction 

I can’t wait to take you on this journey of your evolution in your career, life, and beyond!

Are you ready to make the leap?

Apply here for a 30-minute free discovery call.

This call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we're a good match. I'll learn about your world right now, where you're feeling stuck a where you want to be. No obligation. No pressure.

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