What Clients Are Saying

"I approached Naama after returning to work after maternity leave and feeling completely at odds with the career I had built before I had my son. My confidence was at an all time low and due to upheaval at work, I was at a point of crisis and needed help seeking direction. My discussions focussed on my limiting self belief and my tendency to focus on past issues or inability to perform under pressure. I was essentially defining my future based on a warped view of my past.


I didn’t know that the type of support that Naama provides existed and also felt that if it did, it wasn’t appropriate for me. I was of course wrong and it was reassuring and enlightening to know that the support was there. I truly felt that I might be having some sort of mental health crisis but instead it became clear that I just needed help to bring myself back to me, to retrain my view of myself and my self worth. I am now much more confident in trusting my gut as well as not spiralling into damaging negative thoughts if minor things go wrong. I feel much more positive about my career and my life and more importantly I feel at peace, which I’m fairly sure I haven’t felt for years."

– E.S.


"When I decided to work with Naama a few months ago I had this gut feeling that she would help me get more grounded, make decisions more easily and maybe even get a better direction of how to build my own business. When she then made me set some more bigger goals at the beginning, I was super sceptical but went along.

I was overstressed, in a job I didn’t like and wanted to quit every other day, not really knowing where to go or what to do. I was all over the place. After a few months working together, I found myself more calm and peaceful, and I’m actually grateful for my job.

I didn’t feel fulfilled working as a full-time employee. I wanted to do more, express my passions (which were not entirely clear to me at the time) and serve others doing so. But I was stuck and had no clue what to do next. Naama helped me to create space and time, and find clarity and confidence to focus on my true passion and start building my own business as a coach.

I was stuck in a loop of draining relationships that were not serving me and taking me further away from myself. For the first time in years I'm dating someone who is really good for me, whom I feel at home with, with whom I can just be ME. So many patterns of mine were broken, and limiting beliefs were set free. After years of working on myself (and being a coach myself) nothing has ever felt more aligned than after working with Naama.

I really feel like I got the best tools to live my life as authentically as possible. I feel grounded and aligned, I feel clear about my path and I’m more myself than ever before. I feel the freedom you can only experience when you stop standing in your own way and allow things to flow. All way beyond the goals we initially set.

Naama is incredibly sharp, precise and her points are always perfectly made. Her structure and action base approach will not let you hide or play small anymore. Her unique combo of working with the mind and heart is rare and so valuable. She is warm, fun and so widely open to anything you bring to the table. I'm truly grateful for one of the best gifts I could ever give myself, and for this mind-blowing life changing experience. I honestly wish this to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

– M.L.

Until working with Naama I really had been trapped in a prison of obsessing about my weight, and everything that I ever ate, of diet culture, over exercising and of body hate. I had virtually no connection or trust in myself, and stress and overanalysing were my forte. From the first time we spoke, Naama was warm, welcoming and straightforward and I instantly got the feeling that taking the step to approach her for coaching would be a turning point in my life, and I cannot express enough how true that became. She guided me through learning to eat intuitively again, connecting with myself, creating a relationship with my body, identifying who I am and what my core values and beliefs are, and what I needed to let go of to get so much more freedom in my life. 


Our sessions were a truly nurturing space. I felt free to talk about anything without judgement, and could trust that I would be challenged when needed and receive the guidance and support that I could take away and build upon in my own time. She was nothing less than 100% present, even if I wanted to revisit the same worry many, many times!


I have experienced so much personal growth under Naama's guidance, and it is not only apparent to me on a daily basis but also to my friends and family. I honestly cannot put into words the freedom I now feel and the time I have gained back in my life, now that I don't have to worry about food every waking hour of the day, it is something I never felt I would be able to achieve. To have been able to guide me through that and to also give me the courage, strength and knowledge to fill my new found time with things that truly nourish me has been nothing short of magical. I honestly can't wait to continue building on what she has taught me and truly owning who I have learnt I am.


Thank you so so much.

– J.M.


"When I started my sessions with Naama my goals were very small; eat healthier, find a work life balance, ease my anxiety and feel better in myself as a result. I’d been struggling with these goals for well over a year and felt incredibly stuck. Working with Naama gave me the courage to take a new career path, helped me move on from the ‘picky eater’ label I believed in and gifted me with an awareness of my mind that I never knew was possible. All of this is due to Naama’s intuitive approach. Each session she provided me with all of the guidance, support and lessons I needed to move forward. She was always present and I felt she gave 100% of her energy and attention every time. I hand on heart could not have achieved everything I have in the last six months without Naama. She has helped to shift my perception of everyday life and as a result opened up a whole world of new opportunities (and food!). Working with Naama has completely changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough."

– H. H


"Naama led me through her 6 month programme. Our time together was very much organic, developing as and how I needed it to. Naama's calming presence allows for honest and supportive discussion. She has opened me to new ways of seeing myself and avenues to explore that will be valuable to my future growth. Whilst most of us know we possess the answers to our problems within us, a knowledgeable and experienced guide is invaluable at giving you the tools & directions to find them within. If you are feeling in any way lost on your current path or feeling you are looking for something you cannot find, if you are trying to process pain or work through difficult experiences, even if you are just curious about yourself and your habits, spending time with Naama will help you with some important realisations - I would definitely recommend her approach."

– M.C.


"Working with Naama has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Her no-nonsense approach to wellbeing is refreshing and inspiring.

She offers practical guidance tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle so the help you get is sustainable and realistic. She has helped me to cultivate a positive relationship with my body I didn’t ever think was possible. She has taught me how to listen and respect my body’s needs.

My love of food and cooking has been reignited and I feel like I have been liberated from the ties of a diet mentality. It’s so exciting to know that I will never ‘fall off the wagon’ again because there is no wagon to fall off!

Naama’s approachable, supportive and honest nature means that each session is a safe place to talk openly. Her ability to guide you without judgment makes you feel able to come to decisions on your own so you really feel like you can take ownership of the process.

I’m so grateful for her help and support and can’t recommend her programme enough."

– H.I

"Working with Naama has been a life changing experience for me, my relationship with food and myself. I now feel that everyday my intuition gets a little stronger because of the useful questions Naama has given me such as  'How do I feel?','How do I want to feel?' and 'What do I need?'.

I have always struggled with being able to hear and understand my hunger signals resulting in overeating and feeling uncomfortable, or not eating enough to fuel myself for the activities ahead; I now have the tools to listen better, therefore choosing foods that nourish me in each specific moment. Naama has helped me see the freedom of letting go of food rules as well as questioning negative and limiting thought patterns. Through this journey I am learning to change the narrative I give myself about who I am to support the person I am becoming. She's taught me there are no good or bad days, no good or bad foods, and to go easy on myself as I embark on this invigorating journey. Maybe thats the main take away for me; to approach this journey with openness, kindness and curiousity for what the day and my energy can create together.

Thank you Naama for challenging my mindset and giving me the confidence to rewrite my story."

– G.C


"I have just completed the 12 week coaching program with Naama. I was feeling extremely stressed at work at the time I started and was mindlessly eating my way through it. I set some goals at the first session and at each session I had some activities to complete. It was during these sessions I discovered my love for journalling and was able to focus my thoughts and energy into writing. I even performed one of the pieces I wrote during the course and it felt so amazing to stand in my truth. The program became so much more than food. It became processing repetitive behaviour patterns and getting to the root of that and redefining them! It became about living in the present and not getting lost in my dreams. It was all about being honest and truthful with myself."


Thank you for providing me with the space to really get to know myself.

– J.K

"How can I put it into words??

Naama is the best coach you could ask for!


She walks next to you through your own path supporting you in every step of the way. She asks questions you’d rather avoid, not because she wants to pressure you, but because she really wants you to learn to listen to your (true) self. I love how she shares her knowledge in a very practical way, which is totally applicable for your daily life. 

I loved her tips, strategies and tools, which I truly value and that have changed the way I live my life. I will forever cherish our talks and Naama’s advice.


Before Naama I was so obsessed with my weight and overthought every single bite of food I put into my mouth. Now, not only I don't think about it anymore, but also I enjoy everything I eat, which is something I never believed was possible!


And by the end of the program I’ve finally realized that at the end of the day, it’s not even about food. It’s about the relationship you want to have with yourself and your environment. It’s about finding your own voice and honouring it. 


Thank you Naama for making me realize all this and changing my life!

Forever grateful!"

– C.Z


"Naama silences the voices that distract you from yourself and shows you your inner wisdom. 

My experience with Naama's guidance was so powerful that I'll treasure it forever."

– S.L

"My journey with Naama was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have never thought I would be so connected to myself and be able to make the best choices I can - physically, mentally and spiritually. Naama's experience, attention, guidance, patience, intuition and calmness made her the perfect guide for my personal journey. Her 6 months program allowed me to start creating changes in my life at a pace that felt good to me and gradually build up a physical, mental and spiritual self care toolbox tailored to my needs and desires." 

– H.S


"When I signed up with Naama, I had been on some kind of diet, on and off, for years. 

My weight had gone up and down over time, but I had gotten stuck at a high weight.  After trying and failing at so many diets, I felt that I didn't know what to eat or what to do. I also had a lifetime habit of binge-eating when I was overwhelmed and stressed.  Nonetheless, I thought that I was mostly eating "healthy," and exercising, so I didn't understand why I could not lose weight. 

After working with Naama, I have a whole suite of self-care habits that I didn’t have before.  Naama helped me figure out an individualized eating plan.  Instead of following someone else's rules, we discovered what foods worked for me- what makes me feel great and keeps my energy levels steady throughout the day.  Slowly, but surely, my body started to change, and I have lost inches and pounds as a result of these new practices and habits.

But the really important changes cannot be measured with a scale or a tape.  If you've ever struggled with these things, you will understand the significance and the freedom of this:  I don’t measure what I eat anymore.; I don't track calories or macros; I'm not trapped in the cycle of overeating or eating "bad food," and then feeling shame and failure, and overeating again.  Instead, I eat mindfully, I enjoy every meal, and I love that I am treating my body with the love and gratitude it deserves!  I realized my issue was never really my weight.  I no longer measure myself by the number on the scale; instead, I focus on how much energy I have, how well I’m sleeping, and how I feel mentally and emotionally. 


Now, I make time for self care every day. I focus on how strong and peaceful I feel; I envision myself aging gracefully and healthfully; and I forgive myself quickly and with kindness when I stumble. These are priceless gifts, and I will forever be grateful to Naama for helping me to uncover them."

– M.D

"It was a pleasure being your "patient" for the last 6 months.  With your help, I have totally changed the way in which I relate to food.  After dieting for sooooo many years, you taught me a totally new approach which also works and takes away the stress.  As well, I have learned not to be so tough on myself and to open up to new ideas and ways of how to look at life in general and in particular the way I experience life.  I feel that I am more positive about myself and also the in the way I interact with others. Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll be back."

– A.S


"Making the decision to invest in my health and wellbeing has been of such great value! With Naama’s guidance not only I have learned how to plan ahead my meals and be prepared with healthy foods during my busy working days as an entrepreneur, I have also learned everything about how to deeply take care of myself on all levels. I have discovered that health isn’t only about what I eat, why I eat and how I eat. Health is also about being present, taking time for myself and having a mindset that embraces this health journey as a fun game of trying, exploring, succeeding, and sometimes falling and getting back up again.

Through working with Naama on getting clear on my values I have decided to stop weighing myself and focus on how I feel in my body. I have discovered that it’s when I take good care of my body I feel good, regardless of my weight. I am so happy and grateful for finding this new way of approaching health and wellbeing!

Naama is a very professional, straight forward and a lovely coach to work with. I always felt supported, heard and like she could sense exactly what I need. I love how she integrates food, mental health, self care and spirituality all together, always tailored to my needs. Working with you has helped me tremendously - thank you so much Naama!"

– M.V

"Deciding to work with Naama was my birthday gift to myself. My goal was to start my 40s in a more caring and loving way. I’m a single, self employed mom, so balancing my son, work and 'me time' has always been a challenge. ‘Me’ always used to be last. Since working with Naama I have managed to turn that around. Through learning how to manage my time better, make better priorities and plan ahead, I have found more time for myself and for my son, which was the most important thing! 

Another big part of my journey with Naama was learning about making food choices that feel good to my body and sustain my energy. Learning tools such as batch cooking and prepping food ahead, knowing that I am putting nutritious food into myself and my sons body while keeping space for 'fun foods' has made such a big impact on our lives. He even preps with me!

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned with Naama is that I have the power to choose how I want to feel.

I couldn't recommend Naama enough. It has been such an incredible learning journey.Thank you!"

– P.V.P


"We decided to take Naama as our health coach as we realized that our busy lifestyle didn’t cater any time to towards self-care.
Before we started working with Naama, I had almost given up on my chronic condition and accepted to live life with low self-esteem. In the process of six months not only that my self-esteem improved but more importantly, my perspective on my life has completely changed. I am ready to fight back for my place and I am positive to win in near time.
Our concept of food was to relish and eat lavishly. We were never aware of the significance of our food choices. Naama guided us to achieve efficiency by planning healthy food choices and incorporate healthy eating that fit into our busy schedules. The diet and lifestyle changes we’ve implemented over the last 6 months had led to many positive changes like losing weight and more importantly being grounded, focussed, and able to manage our feelings. 
We completed our six months programme and it feels like Naama’s valuable guidance has created a profound ripple effect in our lives to sustain and move progressively in our health journey.
Thank you very much Naama, you have been a great support with your thoughtful, focused, and informative approach. We will be forever grateful to you."

– S & P.S

"I came to Naama feeling burnt out, exhausted, with difficulties sleeping and managing emotions as a working mother. After six months I feel like a different person, having taken this supported time to review and make healthy choices.

Thanks to Naama I have felt better and more positive physically and mentally, which has been invaluable as a mother and then as pregnant with my second child.

I’ve never felt so well. With Naama I felt listened to and encouraged to take time for myself. Trust was established and she was always there when I needed her. She helped me to listen in to my dreams and needs, helping to develop skills and knowledge with kindness. Naama helps you to shine! A very worthy investment and life gift!"


– O.J


"Before I was working with Naama I was always hungry, tired, I had no energy and found it really hard to wake up in the morning.

I was also a bit of a ‘people pleaser’ and very judgmental towards myself. Since working with Naama, not only that I reached my health goals – I feel better in my body, I’m eating healthier and I found more peace in my life, I learned how to listen to my body. I’m able to actually listen to what my body is craving and manage it. I started to care more about myself and less about what others might think of me, and make decisions based on that. I decided I didn’t want to go back to feel worth less than others and I’m able to tame my inner critic better.

An unexpected thing that happened is that I no longer experience IBS symptoms and migraines.

Naama listens. She helped me get to the deeper layers, helping me understand what was really going on - my blocks, my fears and my dreams.  She provided a safe, supportive space for me to open up freely.

Today I wake up 4 days a week at 5:30 to practice yoga before work, which I’ve never believed I could. I feel healthier and lighter, I feel more relaxed and I have more energy to do the things I love. I stopped rushing through life and I’m more present."

– J.H.D

"Thank you so much Naama for all your patience and guidance over the last six months. When I came to you at the beginning of the year I was stuck in such a rut and convinced that I was never going to sustain living a healthy life. I did little to no exercise and ate poorly on the go, rarely finding the time or energy to cook from scratch around work and a busy family life.

Six months later you have managed to subtly guide me to a place where my fridge is full of healthy food and I love regular exercise. My energy levels are up, my heads in a completely different space and I feel lighter!

The changes were so slow and subtle I never felt overwhelmed and the new habits have become a way of life. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself."


– M.C


"Have you ever meet someone...

who made you want to commit to something in a bigger way? 
Somebody, which somehow, makes it more logical to commit yourself on a new level? 
Not because of what they say or do, but simply because of WHO they are?

I did, and so will you when you’ll decide to work with Naama"


– M.V