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Have One Core Challenge That Needs Addressing?

Here You Clarify Your Next Step.

Clarity Sessions

Meet The Clarity Sessions, a potent package designed to help you find clarity around a specific situation in your life, career, and beyond.


After years of coaching and being coached, I know how valuable it is to have a safe, objective, judgment-free space to explore our options so we can make a decision that is right for us.


Friends and family, with the best of their intentions, are often too involved in our lives. Their opinion is layered with their own fears and desires and therefore they'll often (unknowingly) project their own fears or desires onto our personal situation. 


Overanalyzing, long stretches of forced thinking, turning a decision over in our minds a million times, playing out all possible scenarios, making pros and cons lists, too many different opinions, often leads to feeling even more stuck, confused, and overwhelmed. 

Aerial View of Curved River

But here is the thing – 

The decision you’re trying to make? You have already made that decision. (Say what?)

Your brain may not have told you yet, but it’s true: You don’t have to decide. You just have to access the part of you in which the decision is made. The part of you that knows.


If you can get that brilliant, busy brain of yours to quiet down, you’ll find your answer waiting peacefully inside you. It’s been there all along.

This is exactly what we do in the Clarity Sessions.


I help you access the part of you that knows the answer so you can realize your own truth. I also help you balance intuition and data/information, and what you want with your current reality, so you can make a wholehearted decision that is right for you on all levels.


Important Note: As a coach, I do not give advice or tell you what I think you should do, you are the only person who knows what’s best for you. If you’re seeking someone who can help you see if there’s something you’re missing / not seeing and challenge your assumptions, this container is for you.

My job as your coach in these sessions include:

Holding a non-judgmental space for you to talk things through 


Reflecting back to you what I hear / notice 


Asking you powerful insightful questions 


Offering you alternative ways to think about a situation 


Helping you distinguish between the voice of fear and the voice of intuition


Helping you sift through relevant information and guiding you through making a decision that balances both intuition and your current reality


Guiding you to access your own wisdom through different tools and methods


How It Works:


1 90-minute deep dive session 


1 30-minute follow up sessions 


Voxer support in between


All of the above must be used within a month period.


The answers to life’s big decisions come from a place very deep inside you. And when you learn to connect with it, it will lead you to your most joyful, purposeful aligned path.

Want to understand if this is the right container for you? 

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