Finally ME, Group Coaching Program

A Journey Towards Your Most Confident Authentic Intuitive Self. 


Meet Finally ME, a roadmap to help you quiet down the “noise” (limiting beliefs, fears, inner critic, shoulds) so you can turn inwards and shift from listening to your fear instincts to listening to your intuitive wisdom.

Unblock limiting beliefs that hold you back & keep you small

Release self judgments, self criticism, fears & reclaim your confidence

Connect, follow, trust your intuition & find clarity

Identify your values, desires, priorities & craft your personal vision

Are you tired of feeling like you’re trapped in your mind?

Are you tired of listening and taking directions from the voice in your head?


The voice that is always busy comparing or thinking what other people might think of you.


The voice that analyzes every step you took, take or want to take.


The voice that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you're not deserving, that it’s too late, that asks you “who are you to...?”


The voice that makes your skin crawl whenever you’re doing something uncomfortable. 


The voice that holds you back from following your truest dreams & desires for the fear of failing, letting yourself (or others) down, or making the ‘wrong’ decision.


The voice that makes it impossible for you to turn inwards and listen to your inner voice of wisdom.


It’s draining, isn’t it?


You may feel as though you’re going through the motions -- playing by the rules, trying to meet expectations, wanting to fit in.


And you’ve likely done a great job. Ticking the boxes. Getting the praise.


You’ve been distracting yourself with the busyness of everyday life, shoulds and other people’s standards and expectations.


You’ve been doing all the self care stuff - the self help books, the podcasts, the crystals, the yoga workshops, the inspiring quotes… While all these have been really helpful, they give temporary relief, not long lasting change.


You know it’s deeper than that. And that you need to do the work. Which is why you’re here.

First, know that you are not alone. In fact, I used to feel the exact way you do.

Hi, I’m Naama, a Life Coach, Mindset Expert and a yoga teacher.


For almost a decade I chased happiness in all the wrong places. I was obsessed with being thin, believing that would fix everything. Every choice I made was based on my need to be loved, approved and accepted. Not my true cravings and desires. My inner critic was loud and constant.


My tipping point happened when I started developing self awareness through the practice of yoga, meditation and journaling. Step by step I started shedding my inner critic, facing and confronting my fears, and breaking down my old stories and limiting beliefs. Opening up a space for me to truly discover and connect with myself.


I shifted from trying to ‘fix’ myself, to connecting to myself. I traded self judgment with self connection and learned how to show up for myself rather than checking out by numbing myself. And I learned to embrace myself fully and understand that I don’t need to improve myself, I need to meet myself. My real self.


In this journey, I’ve discovered that I can be, that I am, the confident woman I was always yearning to be. That woman who knows what she wants. Who stands in her truth. Who exudes a quiet confidence and deep strength. Who is deeply connected to herself. 


While I can't turn back time and share what I've learned with my younger self, I found myself on a mission to share these lessons with you!


I’ve seen how so many brilliant women I’ve coached, have struggles around not knowing, trusting and honouring themselves. I have seen how it holds women back from passion, purpose, true connection, and joy. I have also seen how, through support and guidance, things can change.


I'm so grateful to have been given this opportunity to help others live THEIR empowered lives. I honestly feel like this path has chosen me as much (if not more) as I chose it. 


I’m here for you! I am here to help you let go of the "noise" in your head so you can connect and trust the voice of your heart.​ Because your heart has always known the way.

Imagine all the things that will be possible for you when you free up headspace and connect within. Imagine the confidence, the self trust, the authenticity, the clarity, the ease and the joy in your life.

Where you meet and grow into a vision of a more confident, truly aligned, fully expressed, free from “noise” YOU.


Now, Here’s the Secret


Through my own journey and working with clients I’ve discovered that the biggest work we have to do to live the life we truly desire is to start closing the gap

The gap

between how you show up today and who you truly are.

Finally ME is a journey from your head to your heart.


A journey to help you let go of all those distractions that hold you back from living your authentic life so you can get to know and learn to honour your deepest cravings and desires in all areas of life.

A journey that will help you develop resilience and confidence so you can keep standing in your truth.

A journey that will help you connect with the wise calm part of you, your inner guide, so you can keep taking aligned steps.

A journey that will give you tools and practices to develop a trusting relationship with yourself on all levels.


Because the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself.


During our transformational time together, you'll learn tools, mindsets and practices to quiet your fears, inner critic, judgments & unblock your limiting beliefs. You'll learn how to connect inward. These are tools and practices that you can take with you for a lifetime and apply anywhere in your life.

And I'm here to guide and support you with all that in Finally ME: your 4-month journey towards your most authentic confident self.

Praise from Past Sessions


Finally ME was a journey into myself. The program asked questions I would never have thought to ask and offered me alternative ways of looking at life, which felt supportive and empowering rather than critical or judgmental. I feel I have grown in confidence over the 8 weeks and now have so many tools to help me find balance when I need it most. Naama is a great coach, I felt so supported during finally me and it was wonderful to draw on her vast wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend Finally Me if you want to understand the whys and how’s of who you are and becoming your best self.


The Details

Finally Me is an intimate (12 women max) group coaching program for the woman who is ready to stop looking for answers, clarity, validation, worth or confidence anywhere else but within. We will work on unblocking old stories, behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We will work on identifying and honouring your core desires, beliefs and values so you can start creating a life that feels yours. You will learn how to stop taking directions from your inner critic and start listening to your inner guide, instead.

This  includes:

Coaching Calls

Weekly coaching calls - this is your time to receive specific coaching and personalised support. 


Each module includes an audio lesson + PDF workbook. This is where you get to do the work.

Action Steps

Weekly action steps, to facilitate transformation & implament the teachings.


A safe place for like minded women to learn, grow and find clarity together.


Deep meditations that help you to access deeper layers of yourself, to allow full integration. 


Private Slack group for additional support, resources & fun extras!

Transformational  Framework:

1) Mindset shifts

2) Practical tools, practices & lessons

3) Action steps

The Program, at a glance:

Pave Your Own Path

Module 1

You'll be laying down the foundations for your Finally ME journey and the months to follow. In this module you’ll get to define what Finally ME means to you and you’ll identify the area/s of your life you most want to focus on for this 4-month journey. A week to exploring your relationship with yourself and taking stock of your life.

Break Old Stories & Limiting Beliefs 

Module 2

A module all about understanding your mind and how it works so you can manage it better in all areas of your life. You will be working on identifying old stories and limiting beliefs, understand how they have formed, the ways they hold you back and how to let them go while creating new more positive and empowering beliefs.

Identify What Truly Matters to You

Module 3

A module designed to breaking up with the voices in your head that tell you what you should do and how you should show up in the world so you can identify your own personal core values, understand what truly matters to you, what's important to you and how to create a more aligned life. Being aligned with our values means feeling more fulfilled in our day to day because we are living from what’s important to us. This is where you become more confident and empowered to make your own decisions. 

Connect With Your Intuition

Module 4

A module to explore the whispers of your heart, your intuition. You'll learn how to listen and connect with your intuition, how to recognize when is your intuition speaking to you and how to distinguish intuition from fear. Now that you've learned to clear the "noise" you are ready to hear the whisper in the room, your own voice of wisdom. You'll start shifting from reacting to your fear instincts, to responding to your intuitive wisdom.

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Module 5

A module dedicated to quieting the mean voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough. Understanding the costs of self doubt, guilt, comparison, jealousy and judgments, how they've been holding you back and learning how, moving forward, not to take directions from them. 

Meet Your Inner Guide

Module 6

A module dedicated to deepen your connection with your intuition, your inner guide. After you've learned to recognize when your inner mean girl is talking and learned not to take directions from her, this week will provide you with more tools to access your inner guide for her input instead. You'll get to connect with your vision for yourself and your life.

Move Past Your Fears

Module 7

A module dedicated to help you move past fear. The kind of fear that keeps you stuck in indecision and inaction. You'll be able to truly understand fear, recognize how it’s been holding you back, and learn how to manage it better. We’ll explore the different types of fear - fear of failure, fear of making the “wrong” decision, fear of what other people think of you and more. A powerful week to help you shift from holding back to leaning forward.

You Are The Creator

Module 8

An exciting module cause you really get to put all the pieces of the puzzle together! You will create a Northstar document that you can reach out to whenever you're feeling stuck or out of alignment, when you are trying to make a decision or when you need a little inspiration – who you are, what matters to you, your values, what inspires you, what gives you meaning and your vision. 

So, What's next?


Doors open: Monday August 16th 2021 

Early bird ends: Friday August 27th 2021

Doors close: Thursday September 2nd 2021

Program starts: Monday September 6th 2021

Upon signing up, you’ll get an email confirmation (and warm welcome from me!) and an access to your pre-program paperwork and goodies, and all the practical info you need to know. 

Program officially starts: Monday September 6th 2021

That's when your first module will be released (audio lesson, workbook & some of the bonuses!).

First coaching call: Wednesday September 8th 2021

Mark your calendar for Wednesdays or Thursday at 7:00 PM (BST) for our weekly sessions. That’s when we will be jumping into our group coaching session together.

*depending on the size of our group I might offer another slot for our coaching calls, if you want to join us but can't make it on Thursdays please reach out.

Enrolment is currently closed. Sign up for the advanced notice list, you'll be the first to know when registration opens and get a pre-sale discount!

Who is
Finally ME 


You want to trust yourself and your intuition so you can stop second guessing every step you take or want to take.

You want to be able to say heck yeah or hell no, without putting everyone else's needs and desires before yours.

You feel like you are wasting precious energy and headspace on insecurities. You want to redirect this energy towards your deepest cravings and truest desires.

You are tired of that inner chatter, telling you that you’re not enough, that you don’t deserve living your dream life.

You are tired of missing joyful moments in life because you've been too much in your head, consumed by your thoughts. You want more presence.

You are done with holding yourself back and missing out life's wonderful opportunities because of your fears, insecurities and self doubt.

You are tired of overthinking and overanalyzing every-single-step you make. You want to feel more confident about what you want.

You want to experience a trusting nourishing relationship with yourself. One that honours your inner wisdom and includes owning your power.

I want you to know it doesn't have to be this way. Imagine life without… 


Overanalyzing, second guessing, doubting and always seeking the permission of others… 

A life in which your dreams and desires speak louder than your fears. 


Although the “voice in your head” is there by design (it’s part of our ancient survival mechanism) you can learn how not to take directions from it.


You deserve to enjoy your life now, at this moment, instead of being consumed by your mind.


You deserve to listen to your intuitive ideas and follow them with joy and excitement.


You deserve to LOVE your life UNCONDITIONALLY, instead of waiting for some hypothetical future that may or may not happen.


You deserve to finally feel like yourself again! And, YOU CAN.

I want you to experience your life fully. To wake up in the morning feeling inspired and excited about your day and develop resilience for those times when you're not feeling great. To truly get to know yourself and what works for you, so you can take best care of yourself on all levels.


I want you to start putting yourself first.


I want you to worry a little bit less and trust a little bit more. To live a life which is aligned with your values and purpose, so you don't feel like you're living someone else's life, compromising your happiness or betraying yourself.


I want you to see possibilities instead of obstacles. To make choices for yourself, which are not driven by fear of judgment or desire to get praised. To appreciate and find joy in the simple moments in life. To know what you really want and honour this vision. 

And, finally, I want you to show up for yourself and embrace yourself and your life fully, with its messiness and challenges, and with its beauty, magic and wonder.​

Do you want that for yourself, too? 

Then, you are in the right place! 


And I can't wait to guide & support you on this journey




Finally Me FAQ's

Is there personal coaching?

Yes, I am here for YOU! I’ll be giving you personal coaching during the live coaching sessions as well as supporting you within the community (FB group page).

How do I know if group coaching is right for me? (Vs. private coaching)

The special thing about a group program is the community feel! In a group setting you’ll enjoy the support, accountability, and connection of the incredible women who will surround you. It’s an intimate, authentic experience of a community of incredible women cheering each other on.

I've done so many courses where I've fallen off before the end because it was all self study. I don't want to sign up and not do it. How interactive is it?

Finally ME is not a course, it's a coaching program. It's incredibly interactive and you will get hours of personalized support each week. That's why it's a small group, because I know the kind of experience I want you to have and the level of support I'm going to provide you with.
Each week, in addition to an audio lesson and workbook you will have a live coaching session with me where I will be connecting with you personally and providing one-on-one support.
By the end of the four months, you'll have received around 20ish hours of live coaching through our live coaching sessions

How do I know if it’s the right time for me to join this group?

Ditch the idea that there will be a ‘perfect’ time to do this. Perfect doesn’t exist, so you might find yourself waiting forever… Are you ready to dive in, show up for yourself, and do this work? If so, then let’s do this!

I'm not sure I'm ready to change - is this the right time to do the program?

If this program sounds like what you need but you're scared, you're in the right place! You'll get out of this coaching experience what you put in. If you show up for yourself, if you do the work, you will benefit! And, I am here to help you work through the fears that come up for you along the way. If you commit to yourself for four months, surrounded by a coach who has been where you are and knows what it takes to grow through it, PLUS surrounded by an incredible community of women who are cheering you on, encouraging you, and celebrating you every step of the way, you'll experience change.






It feels selfish to invest in myself like this.

I hear you and also I know that doing this deep work in your life will help you serve the people around you with even more impact. None of this is so that you can keep all the presence and joy and growth to yourself - it's so that you can show up more fully in your life, for those you love, and in your purpose.






What is the time commitment?

The live coaching video calls will be about 60-75 minutes. Plus I encourage you to set aside 60 minutes to work through your weekly content (audio+ workbook).

What if I can’t make it to a coaching session?

Don’t worry at all!! You can send in questions ahead of time, I’ll answer them on the call, and you’ll have access to the session recording within 24 hours of each live coaching session.

When does registration closes?

November 19th is the last day to join (unless it fills before then).

Need help or have some questions?