The Details

Finally Me is a 10-week intimate group coaching program to help you quiet down the “noise” (external distractions, shoulds, opinions and judgments) so you can turn inwards and create a trusting relationship with yourself. body, mind & beyond. 

We will work on breaking down old stories, behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We will work on identifying and honouring your desires, beliefs and values to create a fulfilling meaningful life.

This  includes:

Coaching Calls


Action Steps




Each week of your journey is based on:


A transformational framework:


1. Mindset shifts

2. Practical tools, practices & action steps


Two key components:


1. Letting go of what no longer serves you, blocks you and disconnects you from yourself. Expectations, shoulds, old stories, limiting beliefs and autopilot behaviours.


2. Cultivating practices, habits and routines to help you create a nourishing relationship with body, mind and beyond: self awareness practices, self care tools, and mindset shifts.

Pave Your Own Path

Prep week

A week to lay down the foundations for your Finally ME journey and the months to follow. You’ll be starting your journey from where you are at -- taking stock of your life. This week is all about identifying what’s working / not working + the areas in your life you’re craving nourishment the most. 

BODY - Nourishing Yourself Intuitively 

Week 1 & 2

Week 1: Letting go of shoulds & external rules around food​

A week designed to help you identify all the unhealthy ways you have been using food in your life. You will learn to let go of your shoulds and rules that keep you stuck in the all or nothing thinking, so you can start to develop a trusting relationship with your body and a nourishing relationship with food. 


Week 2: Listening and honouring your body’s signals & cravings

A week all about reconnecting, teaming up and developing deep trust with your body so you can start honouring your body’s wisdom and signals. You will learn about making intuitive eating choices, recognizing hunger & fullness signals and so much more! You'll get to explore your preferences and what works for your body physically, emotionally and mentally.

MIND - Master Your Mind

Week 3 & 4

Week 3: Breaking old stories & limiting beliefs

A week all about understanding your mind and how it works so you can manage it better in all areas of your life. You will be working on identifying old stories, fears and limiting beliefs, understand how they have formed, the ways they hold you back and how to let them go while creating new more positive and empowering beliefs.


Week 4: Living an empowered life

A week dedicated to cultivating an empowered mindset and developing self awareness. This is a week you start reclaiming your power back. You'll shift from blaming to taking responsibility, from being a victim to becoming an owner, from worrying to trusting, from self judgment to self compassion, from perfect to progress, and so much more!

A Week to Catch Up

Bonus Grace Week

A bonus week for you to catch up and take a breath! No new content this week, an opportunity to review, reflect and enjoy little pop-up challenges (totally optional!). This program is designed for YOU and I wanted to make sure you don't feel rushed.

HEART - Value Based Living

Week 5 & 6

Week 5: Saying goodbye to who you thought you should be

Breaking up with the voices in your head that tell you what you should do and how you should show up in the world. Clearing the noise that clouds your true deepest aspirations and desires. The noise that blocks you from hearing the small whisper in the room - your intuition, your own voice of wisdom.


Week 6: Identify what truly matters to YOU

A week designed to help you identify your own personal core values, understand what truly matters to you and how to live a value-based life. Being aligned with our values means having more energy and feeling more fulfilled in our day to day because we are living from what’s important to us.

BEYOND - Embracing - Dreaming - Creating

Week 7 & 8

Week 7: Embracing it all

A week dedicated to eliminating energy drainers from your life so you can fully embrace yourself. Being focused on perfection, constantly comparing yourself to others, people pleasing and being occupied with other people's opinions drain your vital energy force, you end up feeling drained, depleted and exhausted. We'll work on quieting those mean voices in your head so you can live life with more ease & joy - body & beyond.


Week 8: You are the creator

A week to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and create!

You'll get to craft your life based on all the tools and practices you've collected throughout the past few weeks. A week to celebrate your growth and use this high vibration momentum to set intentions and invite to your life even more! 

Make A Pact

 Final Week 

A week to wrap it all up. In the past 9 weeks you have been doing the inner work – you have been digging deep, confronting limiting beliefs, rewriting old stories, letting go of shoulds and so much more. Now it’s time to commit. No one else is going to do this work for you. No one else is going to build the life you want for you. Your life vision, only you are able to completely understand it, not only intellectually, but also emotionally. Make a pact to keep showing up for yourself for the long haul.

A Week For Final Closer & Support

Bonus Support Week

A bonus week for you to get the chance to complete your workbooks and review the programs content while still having my support (and each other's support!) on the FB group page.

Finally ME is a wisely and meticulously planned program. I felt that I was gently shedding layer after layer until I could reach my deepest true self and make peace with myself. Starting with amending my relationship with food and my body. Then understating how my mind works, rejecting the all or nothing mentality and my limiting beliefs. And finally come to peace with who I am and creating my true values. 

And finally come to peace with who I am and creating my true values. 

The whole group concept was an incredible experience, we all have issues and quite similar issues. I felt embraced, I learned from each member of the group and Naama guidance was impeccable. 



You want reconnect with your body and trust its wisdom

You want to be able to say heck yeah or hell no, without putting everyone else's needs and desires before yours.

You want to know your heck yeah…

You are tired of overthinking every-single-step you make. You want to feel more confident and decisive.

You feel confused. You don’t really know what you want. Whether it’s what to eat, how to exercise, how you want your day to look like or bigger questions like what makes you feel fulfilled and what gives meaning to your life. You want to learn how to tune inward so you can create your own life you love.

You feel like you are wasting precious energy and headspace on shoulds and expectations. And you want to redirect this energy towards your deepest cravings and truest desires.

You are tired of missing joyful moments in life because you've been too much in your head, consumed by your thoughts and not actually being present with yourself, or with your loved ones. You want to be more present.

You are tired of holding yourself back and missing out life's wonderful opportunities because of your fears, insecurities and self doubt.

You no longer want to be led by circumstances. You want to be able to deal with whatever challenge comes your way.

You are tired of that mean inner chatter, telling you that you’re not enough, that you don’t deserve living your dream life.

You want to experience a trusting nourishing relationship with yourself. One that honours your inner wisdom and includes owning your power.

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