You can't hear a whisper in a noisy room.

There is a space of infinite wisdom within you. Of deep knowing. It has always been there... But, it’s been blocked by the ‘voices in your head’. 


The “shoulds”, the inner critic, the outdated stories about who you are and what you can and cannot do, the self doubt and fears.  


Imagine what would be possible if instead you turned up the volume on your dreams, on self-love, on self-confidence, on trust. How would you live your life?

Become an Empowered Decision Maker 

Ten day Program: Find Your Answers Within


A 10-day self-study experience that empowers you to strengthen your inner superpower so that you can start making intuitive decisions ASAP.

Private Coaching: Unlock Your Inner Guide

Intensive mentorship to help you find clarity, move past doubt and unlock your inner guide so you can become an empowered creator of your life.

Group Coaching Program:

Finally ME

A 10-week journey home to YOU surrounded by an intimate and inspiring community of women.

Your roadmap to creating a trusting relationship with yourself – body, mind & beyond

When I started my sessions with Naama my goals were very small; eat healthier, find a work life balance, ease my anxiety and feel better in myself as a result. I’d been struggling with these goals for well over a year and felt incredibly stuck. Working with Naama gave me the courage to take a new career path, helped me move on from the ‘picky eater’ label I believed in and gifted me with an awareness of my mind that I never knew was possible. All of this is due to Naama’s intuitive approach. Each session she provided me with all of the guidance, support and lessons I needed to move forward. She was always present and I felt she gave 100% of her energy and attention every time. I hand on heart could not have achieved everything I have in the last six months without Naama. She has helped to shift my perception of everyday life and as a result opened up a whole world of new opportunities (and food!). Working with Naama has completely changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough. 

—  H.H

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