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Find Your Way Forward

Work, Life & Beyond

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Asking yourself: What do I want? What makes my heart sing? What’s next?

Feeling pulled to make a shift in your career?
Pondering the existential question: Is this it?
This is where you’re led to the answer.

Confident woman holding a cup guiding a career and life choices

Hi! I’m Naama. 
Life & Career Coach, Transition Specialist & Mindset Expert,
& Mom.

Pivotal moments are where we get to reinvent ourselves and our lives.

Since 2017, I’ve helped numerous beautiful humans courageously step into their truth and live that truth out loud. From big life transitions to pivotal decisions to chosen changes, it’s my specialty to guide people like you to find the clarity, courage, and confidence to move forward. 

As a transition specialist and someone who is devoted to personal evolution, I’ve developed a toolbox of practices and exercises that help you navigate the often unsettling seasons of life and make empowered decisions. Hint: this process involves shifting out of fear and learning to trust your inner wisdom.


Whether you’re feeling called to launch a new business, transition to more fulfilling work, make a life pivot or bring more of yourself into the world, I guide you out of “stuckness” to knowing what you want, recognising what you need to thrive, and reigniting the spark that inspires you into action.

With me, you will identify and reveal what makes you unique, get rid of what is in your way, and confidently and clearly go forward to shine at your brightest. You will see options that you might have not seen before, and new possibilities and ways of being that you didn't know were available to you.

It’s time to shift from indecision and self-doubt to clarity, vision, and action.

Let’s Crossover Together:


The Step Into Your Brilliance Program:

Feeling called to step up and bring more of yourself into the world? This is a personalised journey to support you in mastering your mindset. I walk alongside and guide you to feel more expressed in your work & life.


The Career Transition Experience:

Feeling called to make a small or significant shift in your career? This is a personalised journey to clarifying what your career vision looks like and intentionally pivoting into a more fulfilling role, venture or work situation.


The Clarity Sessions:

A short and sweet, laser-focused series of two sessions to help you navigate through one specific challenge or decision in life or career.

"Working with Naama took me to a place beyond my wildest dreams. From stressed, anxious and confused, I found a happy, calm and confident version of myself. Thanks to Naama, I've been able to let go of past stories that were holding me back and stop obsess over the future.

I'm in a job that I love (which I almost left), I have clarity about my dreams (which I almost gave up on) and in a beautiful relationship (I have never believed I could have). I feel clear and in alignment about my path. I'm truly grateful for this mind blowing life changing experience. I honestly wish this to everyone!"



Grab Your FREE 
Clarity Meditation

Your Clarity Session - journaling prompts + decision making meditation to help you find clarity in your life, so you can shift from indecision to action and create a work and life you love.

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Organisations I have worked with:

University of London
chameleon technology
university of leeds
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