Where you find clarity & confidence to stand in your truth

You can't hear a whisper in a noisy room.

There is a space of infinite wisdom within you. Of deep knowing. It has always been there... But, it’s been blocked by the ‘voices in your head’. 


The “shoulds”, the inner critic, the self doubt, the overanalyzing. And, the fears... The fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being judged or letting people down.


Imagine what would be possible if instead you turned up the volume on your dreams, on self-love, on self-confidence, on trust. How would you live your life?

Hi! I’m Naama,
a Life Coach, Mindset and Intuition Expert,

yoga and meditation teacher, coffee lover and new mama.


I used to be someone who could never make her own decisions. Because I was terrified of choosing wrong, I spent years believing that everyone else, but me, had the answers. Something that led to years of missed opportunities and forgotten dreams.

Thankfully, I woke up to the truth. Through yoga, meditation, self-care and mindset work, I was able to repair the broken connection with my intuition, my wisdom, my superpower. It gave me the courage to step into my dreams.

Today, I have the honor of helping women create a nourishing trusting relationship with themselves, empowering them to move past indecision and inaction, and become more present in their lives. By rewiring old patterns and limiting beliefs and through taking aligned action, my clients are able to break free from the stories that keep them stuck in self doubt and fear. They are able to step out of their analyzing mind, stop postponing change, and finally express their talents and fully engage in all areas of their lives. 

I’m on a mission to help you cultivate self trust, connect with your intuition and shift the #1 thing standing in the way of the life you want — your mindset.


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Working with Naama took me to a place beyond my wildest dreams. From stressed, anxious and confused, I found a happy, calm and confident version of myself. Thanks to Naama, I've been able to let go of past stories that were holding me back and stop obsess over the future.

I'm in a job that I love (which I almost left), I have clarity about my dreams (which I almost gave up on) and in a beautiful relationship (I have never believed I could have). I feel clear and in alignment about my path. I'm truly grateful for this mind blowing life changing experience. I honestly wish this to everyone!


—  M.L