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How to create space for things we want

One of the most meaningful shifts I love supporting my clients with is aligning their lives with their visions, values and priorities. From the simple day to day stuff (like how their day looks like and feels like) to bigger life decisions (like career, relationships, family life, etc). It’s definitely one of the most meaningful changes I’ve made in my own life.

When you align the way you spend your time and money with your visions, values and priorities you create space for things you want.

On Monday I shared with you an abundance mindset shift you can make around time and money. I talked about recognizing your mind’s fear instinct and choosing your intuitive wisdom instead. But even when we are able to move past our mind’s fear instinct, we might feel stuck and struggle to find the time / money for the things we want.

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore how aligned your calendar and budget are with your visions, values and priorities. It’s a great opportunity to identify your shoulds and uncover your (unmet) truest cravings.

I would love for you to take a moment now to get really honest with yourself - Is the way you invest your time and money aligned with your values and priorities? Does it reflect what you want and who you want to be in life? Let it sink for a moment. Feel free to grab your journal and write whatever comes up.

If not, chances are you’re: num #1 - either busy ticking boxes (aka following shoulds) without really filling up your tank or/and num #2 - you're spending time and money in an attempt to feel good, but it doesn’t last for long.

Here are some examples…

Perhaps you're buying expensive superfoods / supplements because they are trendy, maybe you bought a gym membership when you felt bad about your body because that’s what you felt you ‘should’ do or perhaps it’s a volunteer opportunity you don’t want to do... Sounds familiar? These are shoulds, things you think you need to do or have based on external expectations, but are not aligned with your values, priorities, desires...

Now I want you to take a moment and think ask yourself - What am I spending money on in an attempt to make myself feel good? Coffee, drinks, new iPhone, Netflix, clothes, jewellery, beauty products, etc. Some of these will make you feel good but a lot of them will only give you instant gratification. The good feeling doesn't stick for long because these things don't make you feel good on the deeper level. They are external fixes, distractions, they don't connect us with what we truly want. They don’t move us towards the change we crave deep down.

When you start identifying where you spend your time and money on shoulds and instant gratifications, you can start removing those and create space in your calendar and bank account for the things you truly want. The things that are truly aligned with your vision, values and priorities.

Here are some questions for you to journal on today:

  1. What are the things you spend time and / or money on which are not aligned with your desires, values and priorities?

  2. What are the things you spend time / money on because of shoulds?

  3. Why do you spend time / money on those things?

  4. What are your ‘feel good purchases’? What do I spend my money on to make myself feel good? Do they actually make you feel good for the long run?

  5. What truly nurturing things do you want to do / have but don’t have time for / can’t afford?

  6. What can you say NO to so you can say YES to these things?

My dear friend Anna Orenstein, a financial coach and educator, shared budgeting tips on an IG live we did together, she also shared a beautiful mindset shift around money: "Think of your relationship with money as a friendship that requires time and respect"

Hopefully you have some ideas for things you can take out of your calendar and / or expenses to create space for what you truly want!




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