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On finding your path ✨

One of the most common sentiments I hear from clients on our first call is something along these lines:

“I don’t recognise my life anymore”

“Is this really my life right now?”

“How did I get here?” Usually, there’s one area that feels more misaligned than others. Nonetheless, it’s this overall feeling of not being on the right path and not having agency over some aspects of their lives. There’s a gap between where they are and where they want to be. Maybe you can relate? Thing is, the longer we delay exploring our dreams and desires, where we want to be, our path, the wider the gap becomes. But how do we find our path, the path that is right for us? We might know what we don’t want, which is a good starting point, but how do we actually know what we want? One of the ways to find our path is to pay attention, seek and follow the clues that life leaves for us. These are often manifested as (big or small) surprising moments when we experience something unexpected, a feeling we haven’t anticipated, an aha moment. These are the moments when we tell ourselves: “wow, I want more of this. I want more of this, less of that." It’s a feeling of 'this is it'. Of being in the right place. An experience of ‘exactly this’. There is nowhere else we need to be. There is nowhere to rush to. We’re in a place that is pulsating with life. Vibrant. Alive. There is this sense of being ON our path. On. Not next. Not towards. On. We can experience it on a hike, or when we read a passage in a book that sparks a deep knowing, at the museum or the cinema, or while interacting with another person. The problem is that these moments can easily get unnoticed when we’re busy living our lives. And, if we do notice them, we tend to brush them off and ignore them because they are unfamiliar. We might even get excited about a new insight or an idea but abandon it the next day. When we experience these moments, we need not only to embrace them but to ask ourselves: “How can I craft my life so that these moments become a way of living rather than random and coincidental?”

If this resonates and if you’re serious about finding and forging your own path, here are three essential ingredients for this journey: Curiosity – a desire to pave your path rather than following what you already know

Openness – to let go of dogmas, old paradigms or/and conventional ways of thinking/living

Courage – to act on what you hear from within At the end of the day, action is the most important element. Your life is created around what you do, who you do it with and where you do it. It isn't created around what you could have done, whom you could have done it with or where you could have done it. It isn't created around dreams and ideas that stay in the field of potential, around “one day” or “when… then…” If you get this inkling that you want to write, don’t wait until your children leave the house or until you move to the countryside. Write today. Not a book, a chapter or even a poem. A sentence. One sentence a day. When we neglect to fill up our lives with things we love and are feeling called to do, they’ll get filled up by others, often with things that aren't meant for us. It's the fate of abandoned dreams, unrealised plans and unexplored desires. This week, create space to quiet the noise and listen inside. Spend time in nature, go for a walk with a notebook, read an inspiring text, journal, daydream, doodle, create… If there’s something that excites you, what is a baby step you can take in that direction today? A bitesize thing you can do today, not in a week or in a month, today. If writing is something that comes up for you, maybe you can order a dedicated notebook or maybe you’ll create an inspiration playlist for your writing. With love,



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