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After 7 years I realized that art is not my calling

It took me two years to get accepted to art school, four years of art studies and almost one year after graduating to realize that being an artist is not ‘my calling’.

Truthfully, while working very hard on my Graduation Project during the final year of my studies, in my heart of hearts I knew that it’s not my path.

I graduated with honours.

I was nominated for prizes.

I was written about in magazines… so I kept at it, blinded by my ego.

Our ego clings to outcomes and loves fancy titles.

I was also attached to the time, money and energy spent on this path.

And my inner critic kept telling me...

“you haven’t come this far to give it all up” “what would people say?” “what a waste of time and money” “it’s too late to start something new” ”but you're good at it” (whatever that means) -- I kept hearing & listening to these voices in my head. I was afraid of ‘losing’ part of what I believed defined my identity (hello ego) but a big part of me was no longer “there”. I felt like I was living two lives. The life of a new artist (in which I felt like I was wearing a persona) and the life of who and what I truly wanted to be.

There was a line in the sand and I had one foot on each side, till it was too painful to try to be both. As Anais Nin wrote, “…the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” So I started listening... As I paid attention I noticed that my spirit was being lifted and filled with joy whenever I was exploring the world of personal growth, mindset, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and felt heavy and drained whenever I was ‘being an artist’. One day I woke up with the answer (hello intuition!). After months of sitting with this question, it was crystal clear to me that I needed to close the door on this chapter in my life. The most interesting thing happened... The moment I’ve made a decision from a place of clarity and conviction, the moment I found the courage to stand in my truth, the invitations to exhibit or collaborate stopped coming, and new doors and opportunities opened up for me. And fast forward to today… it got me to where I am right now. Here’s the thing that gets me so excited... When you consciously work on bringing awareness to how your mind tries to keep you safe (when your life is not in real danger) and start working through the “noise” (fears, limiting beliefs, judgments) you free up so much headspace and energy, and create space to truly connect to your own inner guide (aka your intuition) and listen to your hearts truest desires. This is the journey I take you through in my 8-week group coaching program - Finally ME. A journey from your head to your heart. A journey to stop standing in your own way so you can create the life you truly want. If you're at a crossroads in your life and want to be able to trust yourself and your intuition so you can stop overthinking and figure out your next step. Or if you're going through transition / starting something new, and you want to feel more confident, grounded and resilient, as your inner critic gets louder. Or if something feels off and you want to learn how to turn inward so you can find your answers within and trust that you can follow through. Then Finally ME can be a container for you to shift from your head to your heart, tap into self trust and create the change you're craving for. And you will have me to support you, coach you, and encourage you to make it happen. The doors to join Finally ME will be open till Thursday November 19 (or whenever all spots fill!) & we start on Friday November 20. You can find all the information about Finally ME + how to join, over here. On the fence, not sure if Finally ME is the right fit? jump on a quick call with me, I'll never pressure you to join but I am here to help you figure out if it's your right next step. Love, Naama

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