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Is this it? Is this all there is?

Back in October 2021, on our discovery call, one of my clients shared these words with me: “I have a lovely home, a good career, a wonderful family, a fabulous group of friends, good health… Everything I always wanted. And yet, I keep hearing this voice inside of me asking: Is this it? Is this all there is?”

It took her a while to book this first call. She felt guilty and ashamed for having all these wonderful things in her life but still feeling like something was missing, eventually she summoned enough courage and reached out.

So often, we block the answers, the clarity and the opportunities, because we’re so busy judging our experiences. So rather than judging the question ‘Is this it?’, we first worked on embracing the question, shifting from judging the voice that wants to explore, to getting curious about it.

After a couple of months of exploring together she started remembering the things she loved most. The passions that had gotten lost in between study, jobs, family, and the responsibilities that come with growing up. She realised that there were still important pursuits she’d left behind. She bought paint and brushes and got her creative spark back. She started writing in her journal again. She started being more spontaneous and brought in more adventure into her life.

About four months into the process, she had a conversation with her manager. Based on the personal development and the inner exploration we’ve been doing, she realised that while she was good at her job, she wasn’t in her brilliance. She wasn’t in her zone of genius. She wasn’t using her favourite skills and strengths. Most of her day-to-day work wasn’t aligned with her purpose and values. She loved the company she worked for, but something was missing, she was asking herself yet again: Is this it?

Following the conversation with her manager, she dropped to a 4-day week and her role was tweaked so that about 60% – 70% of the time she’s doing the work she really wanted to do.

6 months later, on our last call, the woman I saw wasn't the same woman I saw when we first started working together – the sparkle returned to her eyes, ease returned to the brow.

Is her life perfect now? Absolutely not, she’d say. But it’s more alive, more rich and so much more vibrant. Her life back into full colour.

It wasn’t the first time a client brought up the question – Is this it – and it’s certainly not going to be the last. What I’ve learned and came to see is that this question almost serves as an initiation, an inflection point, an invitation to step into something new.

Is this it often stems from a deeper inner sense of lack – an emotional, spiritual or creative one – a sense of feeling incomplete or unexpressed, personally, professionally, or both.

When that voice is lingering inside, asking Is this it, don’t discount it, judge it or shame yourself for having it. All of it is a sign that something new is ready to be born in you. It is time for the next evolution of you.

You may try to repress it, tell yourself the status quo is just how things have to be, that you should be grateful for what you already have. The fear of being in the unknown, of shaking the boat, and facing difficult truths can make us react in this way.

But the question is still there, lingering, calling you from within.

What happens when we don’t listen? When we don’t pay attention to our heart’s cravings?

We become impatient. Sometimes even irritable. Unkind. Or we might experience the other side of it – where we become indifferent, apathetic. We may even adopt unhealthy behaviours to distract and numb ourselves.

When you hear the voice inside of you asking ‘Is this it?’, welcome it, embrace it like an old friend. Lean in, because on the other side of the fog, confusion and discomfort, you’ll be bathing in what’s rich, vibrant and alive.

If you’re asking yourself Is this it, it may very well be a sign that you've outgrown what was and the next chapter is waiting for you.

Onwards & Upwards,



P.s. If you, too, are asking yourself 'Is this it?' and would like to have my guidance with exploring it so you can reignite your spark, fill out this application form and we’ll schedule a discovery call to find out if we’re a good fit and if I’m the right person to help you!


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