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It's never too late

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve invested in that job.

How many pounds you’ve poured into that degree.

How many hours you've spent sharpening that skill.

If there is a voice, a feeling, a knowing inside that is telling you "this isn’t it." Then there’s nothing more important than honouring that voice.

Let go of the plan.

Let go of the outdated dream.

Let go of all that time, money and energy invested in something you once wanted, or thought you wanted.

You’re not obliged to stick to a career path, or any path for that matter, to justify the time, money and effort invested in it.

Because here’s the thing – there’s more than one you.

And to live a meaningful life is to meet the different parts of you and allow yourself to grow and evolve into them at different seasons of your life.

We are not meant to stay the same. What we value in our 20s probably won’t be the same as what we value in our 40s or 60s. Our interests and what brings us joy may change. Our priorities are likely to change. What matters to us and what brings meaning to our life will keep evolving as we evolve.

So it’s only natural to feel unfulfilled when our professional or personal life falls out of alignment with who we are. Or to feel like we’ve outgrown a relationship. Or to realize that our lifestyle no longer serves us.

It is never too late.

Many of my clients come to me thinking that it’s too late for them to pivot and change their lives. They think that ship has sailed for them.

And yet, here they are reaching out to me. So I know there is a kernel of hope in them.

Here’s what I know to be true: we can’t dismiss what our heart knows.

We can’t rationalise our way into staying in careers, relationships and lives when every cell in our body is saying "NO.”

But I get how difficult it can be to listen.

When I graduated from art school, I had 2 years of trying to get accepted + 4 years of studying behind me, a diploma saying ‘graduated with honours’ and a plane ticket to Prague to exhibit my work for a prize nomination.

And yet, after all this time and effort, here I was, asking myself “Is this it?” “Now what?”

I’ve successfully created the life I thought I wanted to live, but deep inside I knew — it wasn’t my life.

I stayed on that path longer than I wanted because I was so scared to stop.

The day I gave myself permission to stop, was the day I felt like I could take a deep breath again.

So love, what are you afraid to let go of because you’ve invested so much of yourself into it?

As humans, once we’ve invested our resources (time, money, energy) in something, whether it’s a career, a relationship or something else, we become so emotionally invested in it — and psychologically adapted to it — that we don't want to ditch it.

What are you afraid to let go of because you’re worried about what they’ll think of you?

What are you afraid to let go of because you don’t know what’s next?

I want to tell you that the effort you've invested on your current path will never go to waste, that even if what 'they think' feels big for you right now it won't matter in a year from now and you'll 100% find out what's next, you just have to take the first step.

I’ve done it and I’ve helped many others do it too.

I'm here to help you:

  • Discover who you are and what you want out of life

  • Find meaning, purpose and alignment in your work and life

  • Listen to your truth and feel confident to speak it

  • Figure out what’s the next right step for you – life, career & beyond

  • Become an empowered decision maker

  • Reignite your spark!

  • Trust yourself

  • Make sure you nourish and deeply take care of yourself along the way

If this sounds like the growth, evolution and clarity you're looking for, there are three ways we can work together:

Facing an unexpected change in your life or feeling like something is missing? This is a personalised journey to support you in finding your way forward. I walk alongside and guide you to find your direction.

Feeling called to make a small or significant shift in your career? This is a personalised journey to clarifying what your career vision looks like and intentionally pivoting into a more fulfilling role, venture or work situation. The Clarity Sessions:

A short and sweet, laser-focused series of two sessions to help you navigate through one specific challenge or decision in life or career. Unsure of what’s right for you? You can always book a call with me and we can chat. There is always time to do that thing. I can't wait to chat soon! Love, Naama


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