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What's in Your Attic? Awaken Old Passions

There’s an exercise I love taking through clients who’re looking to reignite their spark, to bring in more fulfilment to their life and career, it’s called -- What’s in your attic?

Your attic, literally and figuratively, is where you store the things you love to do, think and know about. These are the stuff we love talking about outside our work on a Friday evening with a glass of wine. Interests that somehow don’t leave us alone; or we find ourselves dipping back into them (even if it’s 20 years later!).

What do you have in your attic or under the stairs? Maybe it’s a camera you haven’t used for years? Old ballet shoes? A novel you’re writing? A family history book you’re putting together? What areas of knowledge are hidden in those dusty trunks of your brain? A fascination for travel? A fascination for style? Fashion? Vintage furniture?

What passions / interests of yours have been lying dormant? What are you looking forward to talking about at 6pm on a Friday? What could you talk about all night long without knowing where the time went?

The subjects we read, think and delve into in our own time (past or present), the topics, ideas, people, technologies, and brands we consider to be vitally important, can tell us a lot about the things we want to have as an essential part of life.

How can you weave it into your life and work? How can it translate into a field or aspect of work?

Perhaps there are new areas of knowledge you have yet to discover? Work may open those doors to learning.

Whether you’re looking to create more work-life balance, or thinking about transitioning into a more fulfilling career, starting a business, or bringing more of yourself into your work, making your current job more interesting or creating an outside-of-work life that you’ll love (a reading life, a creative life, a hobby life, a volunteering life, etc.) -- looking at what's in your attic can be such a fun exploration that may awaken some old passions and bring new insight about what matters to you, what lights you up and how you can express yourself more fully in your life, career and beyond.

Pursuing, making space, enhancing the topics, causes, and ideas that motivate and inspire you, brings in new energy into your life. Sometimes, especially if you’re going through a ‘life-realignment’, it’s important to find things that feed the tired soul.




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