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What's your WHY?

I will never forget the day I ran away from school; I was 9 years old. The school nurse came to talk about the next day’s vaccination. I sneaked out and ran home.

That evening, my dad asked me why I ran away from school. I explained I’m scared of the jab. "Can you do something for me?" he asked, "tomorrow morning, when the nurse comes to vaccinate everyone, raise your hand and ask to be first. Do you think you can do that?” Full of fear (and perhaps excitement too) I nodded my head for a yes and promised I’d try.

The next day, the nurse came into my classroom and before she could even say a word I raised my hand and asked if I could be first. I remember feeling like I had some kind of superpowers. I felt so empowered that I forgot about how scared I was just a day earlier.

That moment, when I raised my hand, I basically told fear it’s no longer controlling me and I’ll be taking the lead now. There’s something so powerful about staring fear in the eyes and boldly stepping towards it.

It’s one of the most significant memories from my childhood, one that I’ll forever cherish, one that has shaped me in so many ways.

It’s because of that moment that I was able to do a lot of things that scared me… Whether it was stepping on a plane to Argentina with an open ticket, just me and my backpack, in my early twenties; or leaving my apartment in Tel Aviv to follow love and go after my passion in the Netherlands; or setting up my own business; or starting a new life in the UK…

Recently, someone asked me what my mission is, what my ‘Why’ is. As I was reflecting on this question I remembered the day I raised my hand at school.

We all have a few childhood memories that stick with us, that hold great significance for us, that we carry with ourselves for years and decades. I believe it's because they shaped us, and in a way they reflect who we are at our core, our essence.

Those memories that we cherish from our childhood can be wonderful indicators, clues that tell us the kind of things that matter to us more than other things. Our WHY. Our ‘inner purpose’.

Our why will evolve and deepen throughout our life, and the matter in which we may seek it out or engage with it (its external manifestation) will change; but its essence, I believe, stays the same.

The more creative, open and connected we are — the more fluid, dynamic and expansive this journey will feel.

If you find that you’re searching for the external manifestation of your why (your ‘outer purpose’) with angst, can you focus on connecting with your why first? When we focus all our attention on wondering about the what, looking for the concrete details of how it'll be realized, we get off track. It’s as if we are trying to grow a flower, without planting a seed.

Planting the seed is dedicating yourself to be of service, to be an instrument. If you do that, humbly, and water your seeds every morning, you’ll start feeling in your heart the calls, you’ll start hearing the whispers. Ideas for how you might live your why will start showing up, with a sense of calling attached to them.

When I remembered the moment I raised my hand, everything clicked into place... Just like my dad helped me stand boldly and face my fear, I do the same for others.

There’s nothing that makes my heart swell more than helping people move past their fears. Whether it's the fear of change, making the wrong decision, the fear of failure or judgment, whether it's the fear of letting someone down, or the fear of standing in your truth...

Because truthfully, everything we want is on the other side of it.

If you’re on a search for your why and its' manifestation in this season of your life + if you want to bravely raise your hand and face your fears, I am here to guide and support you. There’ll be a few more spots for 1:1 coaching with me in the coming months, if you’re interested fill out this application form right here and I’ll get in touch with you about booking a free 30-minute discovery call.

Which significant memory do you remember from your childhood? What can it reveal to you about your why?




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