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How to tap into your desires

In my last two emails I wrote to you about figuring out what you want in life... I believe the best way to figure out what you want is not by looking outwards, but by looking inwards, by listening to your inner voice. Meditation is a simple yet effective practice that can help you to turn up the volume of that voice by allowing the noise of the world and your mind to settle down.

That's why I created a creative visualisation meditation for you, to help you Tap Into Your Desires, a little gift from me to you.

(If you didn’t read my previous email about how to figure out what you want, I highly recommend reading it first, it’s so important to be aware of and work through our blocks first / alongside)

I think that all of us, at some point in time, know what we want. But in a world that pulls us into a million directions each day, it's easy to get lost along the way. Practices like meditation help us remember who we are so that we can connect with our truest desires.

In your day to day routine or during meditation, you may notice the many voices from within that try to grab your attention...How do you know which is your “true” voice (aka the voice of your intuition) and which is the voice of your fears, shoulds, self doubt, insecurities and limitations?

To separate your intuition voice from the “noise”, it’s useful to explore each voice with these reflective questions:

Does the voice...

Express who and what I really am, instead of who and what I should be? Sound natural, and not forced or contrived? Connect me to how I really feel, even if that means feeling discomfort? Feel surprising or does it sound like the voices I’ve always been listening to? Reflecting on these questions will help you to separate the voice of your intuition from the noises which originate from fears and limitations. But even after connecting with your intuition, feelings of confusion, uncertainty, fear and self doubt can still set in, trying to hold you back. We are wired to fear change and together with the stories, beliefs and limitations we’ve developed over years and even decades of our lives, they can still be very much in control of us. Developing self awareness, unpacking your beliefs about yourself, letting go of outdated stories can be powerful tools to help you move past those limitations so you can stay committed to your desires. Final tip before you get started:

One of the biggest blocks I often see with clients is around time or money. Before you get started with this meditation ask yourself: What would I do if money, time or resources weren’t an object? Affirm to yourself “Everything is figureoutable” (quoting Marie Forleo). This was one of the biggest gifts I took out of 4 years in art school - dream big, let creative ideas flow into you, you can figure out the how later! If I would have let the how limit me, I wouldn’t have created half of the things I did - from big concrete sculptures to creating a business I love. Make sure you have a pen and journal next to you, this meditation includes writing. As always, I would love to hear what came up for you! Love, Naama


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