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Stop standing in your own way

I want to challenge you today…

Think about an area/s in your life where you’re struggling / feeling stuck or blocked. This can be in your career, romantic relationships, friendships, family life, motherhood, health, etc.

Maybe you want to progress in your current job / career but something is holding you back. Maybe you know there is more in you but you struggle to bring it forth. Maybe you keep dating the wrong person. Maybe you have a brilliant idea that you want to bring into life but you keep postponing it. Maybe you keep sabotaging your relationships - the moment things get serious, you withdraw. Maybe you’re struggling to balance motherhood with your own desires.

Now grab a piece of paper and brain-dump (let your pen flow and don't stop to edit) all the beliefs you have about yourself or in general, when it comes to the area you're struggling with. Be honest, the more honest you are, the more insight you’d gain, the more you’d be able to work through your stuckness.

Here are some examples I heard from clients over the years:

“Finding love is hard.” “Only extremely talented people have successful careers.” “I don’t deserve it.” “You need to suffer and work really hard to get what you want.” “I’m not a person who can do it.” “I’m not good at public speaking.” “People will judge me.” “I need to get it right.” “Being loved is hard” “I’m a fraud” “I can’t maintain a relationship” “Being a mom means I need to sacrifice my own desires” For each statement write down:

  • How is it blocking you from having / getting / being what you want?

  • When you think of shedding this belief that’s blocking you, which fears are coming up for you?

  • What do you feel incapable of leaving?

  • How can you stretch your limits / the limits of your particular circumstances in order to align with your desires?

It can feel really scary to let go of things / behaviours / situations that you’ve been so accustomed to. Your safety blankets. Even when they don’t serve you and feel nothing but draining and frustrating -- the phrase “the devil you know” perfectly describes this duality. That’s why, if you truly want to unblock yourself, you need to commit to doing this work, otherwise you’ll always default back to your comfort zone, the familiar. I recently stumbled upon an old journal from when I just started my business. There was a page where I dumped all my limiting beliefs about myself in relation to starting my own business as a coach. My jaw dropped as I read these statements:

  • My english isn't good enough. I am not good at public speaking.

  • I am not courageous enough to do this, I care too much about what others think.

  • I can’t earn enough money on my own.

  • I am not a business woman.

With a hand on my heart, I can say that back then those statements felt so true. They felt like facts. I’ve identified with them so much that I was sure they are ‘who I am’; something that could never possibly change. And yet, with all the self doubt and limiting beliefs, I took the leap and leaned in. I’ll forever be grateful for that little part of me that somehow, in her heart of hearts, deep inside, knew that these beliefs can change. Make no mistake, it was uncomfortable, it took a lot of inner work and showing up for myself consistently. Fast forward to now, none of those old beliefs are relevant, their only remains are in the pages of my old journal. I have consciously worked through each and everyone of them, which has allowed me to create a business (& life) I truly love. Sure, I have some new/old limiting beliefs I am working through these days (“new level, new devil” as the saying goes), but the difference is that now I have the evidence that I can overcome and break down any concept my mind comes up with. If I’m willing to do the work. I often ask my clients, if you lost your ability to believe this thought / story, how would you show up differently? Who would you be? What would you do? The idea that we don’t have to believe everything our mind is telling us has been truly revolutionary in my life and in the lives of my clients. We all have stories that we’ve been telling ourselves for years or even decades about who we are and what we can or cannot do. These are labels we’ve identified ourselves with and accept them as facts. We talk about ourselves as though we’re just reporting the weather, not even realising that the way we do and don’t identify ourselves has a big impact on our actions and, in many cases, is the very thing that stops us from living through our intentions, achieving our goals and fulfilling our desires; or causes us to self-sabotage once we do. These labels are limiting us from stepping into the life we really want. They limit our freedom to become who we truly want to be. If you are ready to step into the life you truly want, in Finally ME, 4-month group coaching program, we dive deep into editing your beliefs, and expanding your identity beyond the labels you’ve attached yourself to. A journey of UNBLOCKING YOURSELF, so you can finally be YOU, your FULL YOU. I know this may seem a million miles away, or maybe they even seem flat out impossible. It’s not. In Finally ME, I coach a small group of women around the internal shifts (tools, mindset practices, reframes) and external shifts (actions) to do all of that. These internal and external shifts are the shifts that truly transformed the way I live my life. They are the very practices I use each and every day to show up with presence, intention, confidence and authenticity. I promise you that these aren't just things I coach you to embody, they are the ways I truly seek to live my life. If you're ready to start shifting, unblocking, unlocking, reconnecting, reclaiming and growing in these ways, I'd love to support you for the next four months. Here's where you can join me for Finally ME. Love, Naama p.s. if you're interested in joining Finally ME but have some questions, I'm here to answer them for you. Let's chat! There are two options -

1) Reply and let me know what's on your mind. No question is too silly to ask and you're never a bother. 2) Fill out this application form and we'll book a free 20 minute call. I'm so grateful to get to share this experience with you and I'd love to help you get clear on whether Finally ME is right for you.


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