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How I found courage in the midst of pandemic

The past few months have been the strangest of times, haven’t they? I don’t think any of us could have anticipated we would find ourselves where we are right now. 2020 will certainly be a year etched in history and embedded in each of our individual life stories. While it has been a difficult time for so many people and the challenges ahead are still somewhat unknown, I feel hopeful that the world will be a better place. Just when it all started, as I was having my morning coffee in my garden, I asked myself - How can I contribute during these challenging times? How can I serve my community? And how could I make a difference? I knew that others would probably benefit from meditating with me. Thinking about how I could give helped me to move beyond my long-held discomfort of recording my voice. I decided to brave it and record a guided meditation.

Here’s what surprised me -- It felt effortless, and more than that - it was fun. After years of procrastination… It made me realise that something else had shifted in me too. With so much vulnerability in our lives right now and so much uncertainty about how this pandemic would play out, I really felt the fragility of life. The future we so often take for granted may no longer be a given. Getting to something “one-day”, may not always be an option. Like all of us, I sometimes hold myself back with fear and self doubt. For not feeling ready, not having done years of research, not having all the answers, for fear of failing... When I reconnected with my sense of purpose that morning in the garden and remembered how I want to give, it reminded me that none of these things matter. Truth is, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be a moment to get comfortable with a new challenge, and even if there is, I wonder, why would one want to keep waiting? The funny thing is, sharing my first recorded guided meditation ended up leading to several new work projects and opportunities. There’s so much possibility when we get out of our own way. And this is exactly what I love helping women with… Letting go of fears, self doubt and limiting beliefs so they can reconnect with themselves - what brings them joy, a sense of purpose, fulfilment and meaning. AND to see the ripple effect it has on their lives... When we let go of all the external ‘noise’ and distractions so much opens up for us: connection to our worth + identity, connection to our inner wisdom, and more opportunities.



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