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Questions to ask yourself in challenging times

One of my amazing clients has been going through a difficult time so I have crafted a few journaling questions for her, to help her navigate through it.

After all these years of journaling and coaching, asking ourselves (and others) meaningful questions is one of my favourite tools to find clarity and get to the truth. Whenever we ask questions we send our minds to wander and seek out answers, which is why the way we construct our questions is of great importance. A question can send us to a place where we see possibilities, or, on the contrary, can send us to a scarce and disempowered place.

These are some of the questions (the less personalised ones) I’ve shared with my client. I invite you to use them as journaling prompts when you need them. Some may resonate more, some less, take the ones that feel right for you and leave the rest.

And remember, answering these questions in writing is very different than “thinking about” them. Writing opens up space for different things to come up, that often won’t come u through “thinking”.

Questions for challenging times / difficult situations:

  1. What is this teaching me?

  2. How can I care for myself through it?

  3. What would love do in this situation?

  4. What would my 80-years-old-self want me to know about this situation?

  5. What is this situation calling forth in me?

  6. How can this experience bring me closer to trust, to clarity, to understanding?

  7. What is this experience for, in terms of my growth and evolution?

  8. What is most important for me to remember about this situation?

If you’re going through a challenging period or in the midst of a difficult situation, I hope these questions bring more clarity, acceptance and support. With love, Naama


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