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The journey is the destination

So often in life we get stuck on finding the one thing that will make our life feel whole. I call it the When-Then-Syndrome.

I’m sure you know what I mean --

When I’ll move to my dream house, then…

When I’ll lose weight, then…

When I’ll earn more money, then…

When I’ll land on my dream job, then...

We condition our happiness in things that are outside of ourselves, that may or may not happen in the future. We get buried waiting for that one thing in the future, when the truth is that we find joy and fulfilment not in arriving in the destination, but from the journey itself.

The journey is the destination.

Abraham Hicks says that if you don’t enjoy the journey you won’t enjoy the destination. If we spend our journey worrying and stressing about arriving or not arriving at the destination, getting there will not change a thing.

That’s why my approach to pursuing a goal is going on a treasure hunt vs. following an action plan.

Your path to find treasure isn’t linear, it’s curvy and full of windings, you’ll have to have multiple stops along the way to rest, reflect and reassess. Each stop provides new information and learnings that help lead you to your next destination. Each stop provides you with an opportunity to make sure you remember to nourish yourself (body, mind and soul) along your journey.

In a culture that prioritises doing and business, and defines success by achievements and external outcomes, it’s easy to forget about the journey. Treasure hunts require curiosity and exploration. They’re not just about the destination — they’re about the journey, too.

And that’s the point: the journey, the ascents and descents, longings, passion and aspirations are the destination.

As I enjoy this season of reflection and give myself the gift of time and space to step into my treasure hunt, I encourage you to do the same. I invite you to dismantle the concept of the destination as a single point in your life, and open yourself to seeing the destinations as many and the journey itself as the goal. When you do, you'll live more adventurously, more curiously, and with more wonder and amazement than you ever thought possible.

Do you want to go on a treasure hunt with me?

If that’s a YES for you, sign up over here and I’ll take you on a fun, intentional, magical journey full of wonder and curiosity!




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