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You Are Meant To Change 🐛🦋

I was thinking about this time last year, how so many of us were pinning all of our hopes on 2021. Counting on things outside of us to change so we can feel better, lighter, happier.

If 2020 taught us that life is unpredictable and the importance of getting comfortable with uncertainty, 2021 reminded us that we can’t just sit and wait for the world outside of us to change. If we want to find some joy and ease, we need to stop being passengers of our circumstances.

We can look into the horizon and feel the despair of having no control over what the future holds, or we can look into the distance with hope that no matter how things unfold, we still have a choice. We can choose what we want to see on our horizon and intentionally stir our ship in that direction.

Over the last two years we’ve learned so much about how to adapt to changes (that are mostly beyond our control) and how to navigate through ambiguity. This year brings a new approach. A new kind of hope. The kind of hope that is born out of a sense of agency, rather than helplessness. Because while we are still in the woods, things feel different. We are different.

I believe this is the year that we CHOOSE change. The year we choose to reimagine and reinvent ourselves and our lives.

I’m not talking about the kind of change that's influenced by the cultural paradigm of ‘new year, new you.’ That’s an external, artificial change that reinforces traditional notions of how you should be / look like and what you should do. I’m talking about a deeper change. The kind of change that’s calling from within.

The best, most fulfilling, meaningful things in my life grew out of moments I chose to redirect myself, to pivot, to reinvent myself. Moments of leaping into the unknown, taking risks, letting go of attachments to my old-self; and moments where I was willing to stretch myself into new perceptions – moving continents, countries and cities, pivoting in my career, leaving a comfortable well-sorted-out-life for an unknown, sometimes messy, life...

This year I’ll be going deep with you on what it looks like to reimagine + reinvent your life, career & beyond. And how to honour your evolution.

So to kick off this long-term conversation on transition and stepping into the new, I want to share with you this wisdom – YOU ARE MEANT TO CHANGE AND EVOLVE IN YOUR LIFE.

This is the foundation on which we can start creating meaningful changes.

To be human is to keep changing and evolving throughout your life. What we value in our 20s probably won’t be the same as what we value in our 40s or 60s. Our interests and what brings us joy may change. Our priorities are likely to change. What matters to us and what brings meaning to our life will keep evolving as we evolve.

So it’s only natural to feel unfulfilled when our professional life falls out of alignment with who we are. Or to feel like we’ve outgrown a relationship. Or to realize that our lifestyle no longer serves us.

And yet so many of us fear change because of what we make it mean about who we are.

It’s often surprising when recovery from a distressing illness brings difficulties. Or when taking a vacation after a long period of overworking can lay one low. Or when we feel a loss when we get into a serious relationship after years of being single or when we finally ‘make it’ in our career after years of struggling.

We expect positive events to have a positive effect on our life and yet, sometimes, the thing we wanted the most can bring so much inner struggle. In truth, it’s not these events but rather the inner reorientation and self-redefinition that we have to go through as we’re evolving in our life.

We come to identify ourselves with the circumstances of our lives – who we think we’re is partly defined by our roles and relationships (those we like as well as those we don’t). And so when we’re going through transition or contemplating going through one – we are afraid of ‘losing ourselves’, of questioning our self image.

But it’s exactly what transitions ask from us – to let go of our old self so we can grow and stretch into our new self.

The journey there is bewildering and confusing. It’s messy and uncomfortable. But on the other side of it there is so much fulfilment. It’s where we awaken old passions that have been lying dormant. It’s where we feel more whole and more expressed. It’s where our spark is ignited.

May 2022 be the year you make space to listen and then find the courage to act on what you hear. The word courage comes from the Old French word 'curage', which draws from the word cuer, meaning 'heart’.

To be courageous means to answer the call of your heart. Our great hope is to call on our courage for all the unknowns yet to come.

If you’re ready to choose change, to honour your evolution, to find your way forward into a career and a life that feels aligned and fulfilling, schedule a free discovery call so we can talk about your dreams and see if we’re a good fit to help you get there.




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